Martini SPA is situated at Coenzo, Sorbolo, in the Parma region. The firm's premises extend over an area of 100,000 m², 35,000 of which are covered. Each activity has the space it needs for its function: show rooms, conference rooms, technical offices, research centres, production floors, warehouse and logistics centre. It is a productive structure that is articulated and flexible, capable of meeting all the requirements of the international market.

Martini Spa

Strada Nuova, 22
43058 Coenzo di Sorbolo
Parma - Italy

Telephone: +39 0521 669111
Fax: +39 0521 669169/149
E-mail: info@martinispa.com 

GPS coordinates for navigation systems 
TomTom Navigator and similar:
lat= 44.892822° N - lon= 10.459843° E 

GPS coordinates:
lat= 44° 53.5692 N - lon= 10° 27.5904 E 

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