Innovation and creativity

Martini has always had an innovative approach to the design and functionality of its products. The planning and designing of sponges and of body care and home cleaning products are carried out both by an inside team of designers and planners and by outside collaborators from Italy and abroad.
Innovation and creativity have always been the key to attracting the attention of the user to a material, expanded polyurethane, that was created for basic applications (the car industry, hospital supplies, the filling of furniture such as armchairs and sofas, ...) and that then went on to other more creative and original developments, with the result that Martini has been awarded various recognitions and prizes.
Research and focus groups provide priceless indications that are carefully evaluated in order to define new choices and strategies directing market choices. The constant striving towards innovation and research allows Martini to present to the consumer finished products whose shapes and colours are always in fashion. 

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