Martini SpA partner of The Strange Days: 3 days of creative talents in Parma

04/01/2016 - 04/03/2016

The Strange Days

The WoPa Temporary cultural experimentation space in Parma hosted, from 1 to 3 April in the Manzini ex-industrial complex, The Strange Days, a cross-cultural project dedicated to outside-the-box art and creativity. Three days of events, meetings, exhibitions, displays and theatre performances that went beyond the usual conventions and paid homage to today's hyper-creative and kitsch trends, read in an ironic and informed key.

The explosive creativity of the event also involved Martini SpA, a historical company of the Parma area, that participated in the festival as a partner. They reinterpreted their range of sponges making them part of the displays and showing them in a new and ironic key, as temporary items of furnishing and as artistic elements: flowers, fruits, colours, geometric lines and functional reinterpretations. The MartiniSPA sponge, in collaboration with the 00:am creative network and Elisa Barbieri, became an object of art, a chair, a cube-shaped pedestal or a temporary display.

MartiniSPA has always represented all the possible expressions of the sponge, even in artistic, humorous and creative keys, renovating a former industrial area in the centre of Parma to offer an unconventional point of view on the Emilian city.
WoPa Temporary
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