MartiniSPA at PLMA with Nanofiber Technology


MartiniSPA at PLMA with Nanofiber Technology

MartiniSPA and the Nanofiber Technology

Nanofiber products are textiles engineered with small particles that give ordinary materials advanced properties.

MartiniSPA’s nanofiber clothes are streak-free, spot-free and lint-free, as well as quick drying and super absorbent; they are extremely effective with water and do not need any addition of chemical detergents for a high quality cleaning: therefore they position as one of the most eco-friendly products on the cleaning clothes market.

Other than being the perfect tool for housekeeping, they are essential for travelling as well!
Due to their packability and ultralightness (2.3 times lighter than microfiber) and to their antimicrobial and mildew-free features, they are optimal for travellers as well. Its innovative texture enhances softness due to its handy features.
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