Martini means sponge in all its senses.

Thanks to the versatility of this material, which is processed with the latest technologies, Martini provides a complete range of high quality sponges and products for cleaning the house, for body cleansing and care, for the cleaning of the car and for home comfort.
On the large-scale consumption market, the company currently has the following brands:

. Martini Massage
. Extra Vergine
. Bambù
. Oceania
. Arome
. Baby
. Sport
. Black
. Il Coccio
. Utility
. Car wash
For body care, Martini produces sponges, brushes and strips for every skin type, even for the delicate skin of babies. These are not simple sponges but authentic products for the care of the body and for personal hygiene, suitable for all the needs of women, children and sportsmen.

Martini also helps you in the home, with products and sponges for cleaning home surfaces designed to facilitate the work and to ensure safe and easy cleaning. 

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