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Spring cleaning? 10 quick tips

Spring cleaning? 10 quick tips 1200 900 Martini Spa

Welcome back spring cleaning

In the USA, the fourth week of March has even been renamed National Cleaning Week. In Italy one prefers not to schedule so drastically, but between March and April there is one task no one can – or should – shirk: spring cleaning.
Feared by the lazy, revered by lovers of gleaming floors. Spring cleaning is the pagan ritual of renewal, to welcome change and tackle chores that have been neglected for months – or more.
But don’t worry. There are simple tricks to survive this annual challenge with ease. Here are 10 spring cleaning tips from MartiniSPA.

1 – Organisation: the real must

Proper task organisation can save you time and money, avoiding wasted energy and cleaning products.

2 – All about decluttering

The first real practical start to any spring cleaning. Want some examples? Say goodbye to discarded clothes, worn-out shoes, broken or ignored toys, unused make-up, expired products.

3 – Don’t start projects you won’t be able to complete

Unfinished cleaning projects risk becoming a nightmare for the future. Be realistic and do not go overboard with your goals.

4 – Divide big jobs into smaller tasks

Those who only work with macro-objectives risk losing themselves in their own organisation.

5 – Do one room at a time

For example, if you are cleaning windows, clean all the windows in one room before moving on to the next.

6 – Don’t forget ceilings and walls

Dust everywhere and wash walls that need it. Also touch-up plaster, which is often able to absorb dirt.

7 – Fridge and freezer

Perhaps they are the biggest nuisance of spring cleaning. But would you want your food to be in constant contact with bacteria and germs? Exactly.

8 – Revive the mattress

In addition to the standard cleaning of the bed linen, also clean the mattress. You can take advantage of the action of baking soda and a hoover.

9 – Curtains and carpets

They are often a favourite place for dust and dirt to settle. Your spring cleaning is also about hygiene.

10 – Choose green and quality products

Multipurpose cellulose sponges bamboo and cotton cloths, loofah scrubbers stainless steel or antibacterial copper spirals, steel wool soap pads, brushes with sisal bristles. The Mr. Eco® by MartiniSPA offers you an unbeatable kit for spring cleaning, but in green mode. Its products are eco-friendly, made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Mr. Eco® only offers plastic-free solutions and even the packaging is sustainable. What are you waiting for? Make your spring cleaning even more pleasant. And shorter, of course.