Silver Protection

A collection conceived for those who are especially sensitive to hygiene issues.

Silver Protection is composed by special products that have undergone a particular silver ions treatment that inhibits microbial growth and prevents bad smell, also extending the duration of the products.
A natural barrier against bacteria to guarantee safety and hygiene.

In this collection


Silver ions glove

Thanks to the scrubbing action, the glove takes care of your skin, keeping it toned and smooth.

COMPOSITION: polyester, polyethylene
CODE: 4401P00


Silver ions double action brush

The double action yarn brush performs a deep and gentle cleansing action, while massaging the whole body.

COMPOSITION: wood, polyester, polyethylene
CODE: 4402P00


Silver ions scented sponge

This soft and fragrant sponge is enriched with silver ions that create an active antibacterial barrier.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process
CODE: 4400P00

Info & Curiosities


Silver ions act as a bacteriostatic inhibiting the growth of bacteria and odors, for a hygiene in safety guaranteed over time.


The particular texture of our sponges allows you to gently remove impurities and take care of your skin keeping it toned and smooth.
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