A collection of “super sponges”, enriched with active ingredients whose aim is to protect skin’s wellness.

Thanks to the exclusive Xpand process, patented by MartiniSPA, these sponges contain special vegetable extracts, in order to combine cleansing action and specific benefits.

Avocado oil to safeguard the balance of normal skin; micro-spheres, burdock extract and sage essential oil to detox oily skin; macadamia oil, jojoba oil and mallow extract to improve dry skin’s elasticity.

A collection of new sponges, perfect for both body and face, destined to grow.

In this collection you can find

Not tested on animals
Made in Italy
Skin friendly
X-Pand process

In this collection


Superponge normal skin

The Supersponge for normal skin, thanks to its soft, lightly exfoliating texture, performs a gentle cleansing of the skin.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, avocado oil
CODE: 4990B00


Supersponge dry skin

The Supersponge for dry skin guarantees a soft massage and a delicate cleansing, helping to restore skin elasticity and brightness.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, mallow extract
CODE: 4990B00


Supersponge oily skin

The Supersponge for oily skin cleanses the skin while eliminating toxins and impurities.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, vegetable granules, sage oil, burdock extract
CODE: 4990B00

Info & Curiosities


The exclusive MartiniSPA low energy impact process that enriches sponges with natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties.


The natural active ingredients incorporated in the sponges formulation are specifically selected for the different types of skin and transform the shower into a moment of well-being.