Martini’s Arome line is inspired by aromatherapy.

Sponges are imbued with the magical power of these fragrances, thanks to the Xpand technology, which allows to enrich the collection with precious essential oils.
With this product you will experience a sensation of absolute well-being.

100% Made in Italy.

In this collection you can find

Air dry the product after use
Not tested on animals
Latex free
Made in Italy
Rinse before and after use
It protects the sea bed
Skin friendly
X-Pand process

In this collection

Arome net sponge

Scented mesh sponge

The mesh bath sponge with rose or lotus flower scent gently cleanses the skin, pro- ducing a rich, soft foam.

COMPOSITION: LDPE – Polyethylene
CODE: 4806M00


Soft touch sponge

Ultra soft scented bath sponge for a heady massage and silky skin.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process
CODE: 4800M00

Info & Curiosities


We defend the value of Made in Italy as a reality of craftsmanship, spirit of initiative, genius and innovation.


The exclusive MartiniSPA low energy impact process that enriches sponges with natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties.