Our history

Where we come from

In 1969, in Coenzo di Sorbolo (Parma), Ugo Martini created Martini Poliresine.

In close contact with the important Italian designers of those years, used to transform polyurethane for several companies in the furniture industry.
This is how the history of MartiniSPA begins, a constantly evolving history marked by successes inspired by creativity and technological innovation.

Moreover, who doesn’t remember the imaginative MartiniSPA polyurethane creations of the ‘80s? Sponges in the form of fruit, pies, ice cream, or the famous Statue of Liberty, able to brighten the windows of the most exclusive shops in the world.

Since then, MartiniSPA has never stopped interpreting the new lifestyles with originality, and today we can say proudly that we have become the reference point in the production of Made in Italy quality accessories for the search for a complete experience of wellbeing.

Since then Martini SPA has concentrated on distinctive complete lines in continuous collaboration with architects and designers, above all from Italy, enabling the planning and presentation on the market of products with an extraordinary appeal of their shape, color and functionality.

Today Martini SPA is a protagonist of the sponge production market, and is the Italian leader in the sector of body care accessories. Our production includes, besides body sponges (of differing shapes, colors and, from now on, perfumes), brushes, strips, gloves.

After almost 50 years of history, the enthusiasm and the striving for innovation are still today the driving forces behind the entire Martini Spa company system, from design to production. The new ranges of products dedicated to body care and personal well-being are accompanied by the new ranges of sponges and products for cleaning the house and car, a testimony to the continual growth of the company, increasingly aware of the demands of a new style of living.

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