Eco Massage

Eco Massage is our face and body collection, designed to be in harmony with nature.
This line is composed by natural articles, all made of vegetal materials from natural renewable sources such as cotton, loofah, sisal, cellulose and wood.

The innovative packaging has been designed to be entirely ecological: it consists of 100% recycled cardboard and PLA, a compostable and biodegradable polymer derived by processing of corn, beetroots or potatoes.
Made in Mediterranean Area.

In this collection you can find

Air dry the product after use
Not tested on animals
Made from renewable energy
Latex free
Made in Italy
Rinse before and after use
It protects the sea bed
Skin friendly

In this collection


Soft Cellulose Sponge

Soft cellulose sponge of 100% vegetal origin with an ergonomic leaf- shaped grip.

COMPOSITION: 100% organic cellulose
CODE: 4051P00


Cellulose Make-up removers

Two soft de-make up pads in natural cellulose (100% obtained from plants) with a special four-leaf clover shape.

COMPOSITION: 100% organic cellulose
CODE: 4052P00


Loofah Cylinder

A sponge in 100% pure vegetal Egyptian loofah. The soft and flexible fibers make the skin silky and bright over the time.

COMPOSITION: 100% organic Egypian loofah
CODE: 4055H00


Sisal and Cotton Glove

One side of soft organic cotton, for a pleasant contact with the skin and the other side of sisal, ideals for a deep and natural scrub action.

COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton, 100% sisal
CODE: 4053P00


Wooden Brush with Cellulose Sponge

Refined beechwood FSC brush with 100% pure vegetal cellulose sponge. It is ideal for a gentle natural cleansing action.

COMPOSITION: 100% cellulose, 100% beechwood FSC
CODE: 4050H00

Info & Curiosities


The loofah plant has oriental origins, but its cultivation has been introduced in Italy for some time, with particular success in the warmer climate regions, such as Sicily and Sardinia. Its name derives from the Arabic term "Louff", which indicates the plant of the loofah.


Considered the "king" of natural fibers, in its cultivation pesticides and chemical substances are not used which would be extremely harmful for those suffering from allergies or any type of skin problem.