MartiniSPA for the environment

MartiniSPA’s commitment to a
cleaner world

Da anni MartiniSPA è impegnata nel farsi portavoce di uno stile sostenibile. Un impegno concreto fortemente sostenuto dal Patron Fulvio Martini e testimoniato non solo dallo studio di prodotti dall’anima sempre più green, ma anche dalla cultura aziendale.

Rispettare la natura per migliorare la qualità della vita di tutti è un percorso che MartiniSPA coltiva da tempo. Dal 2012, utilizziamo energia pulita generata con i pannelli solari degli impianti produttivi del gruppo MartiniSPA. Di recente abbiamo dato vita ad un bosco che pian piano sta sorgendo intorno dall’azienda: una vera e propria boccata d’ossigeno per garantire aria più pulita.

clean energy

Since 2012, over 2,730,000 kW of energy produced by solar panels.

clean air

172 trees and plants of 12 different species planted in the MartiniSPA company forest, starting from 2007.


Thanks to production processes with lower environmental impact.

Circular Economy

Among the purposes for the future, MartiniSPA wants to increasingly adopt a green approach.
We believe in circular economy: for us everything can be turned to something else!

In our Casale del Mare, a farmhouse completely immersed in the magic of the Tuscan hills, we have learned to take care of people and nature, to respect it and love its fruits, which we also reuse in our sponges.

This is where Fortulla comes to life, with its organic wines and oils, enhancing the best that nature has to offer.

Furthermore, with Logica SPA we have reduced CO2 emissions by controlling the production chain and optimizing logistics.

Our commitment will continue for a sustainable future and a cleaner world.

One of the last natural paradise where the land gives its best fruits

Fortulla rises on the Castiglioncello plateau, in the province of Livorno.
With its 110 hectares of organic cultivation, the estate produces oil, wine and grappa that contain the unique flavors of a land overlooking the sea and enhance the best that nature has to offer.

The whole farm is organic and certified by the CCPB control body.

A slice of heaven suspended between the sea and the Tuscan hills

In our Casale del Mare, a country relais converted from an ancient expertly restored farm, we offer our guests a relaxing holiday in contact with nature and an unforgettable gastronomic experience with our organically grown products.

The deep attention to the environment that surrounds us and to all people guides us in everything we do.
Sustainability is the direction of all our production, as well as of the initiatives and projects for the future: a starting point for truly making the world cleaner.

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