Martini answers

  • MartiniSPA products of the MGreen line are 100% biodegradable, but not compostable, as cellulose as a material cannot be classified as such.

  • We have achieved the ISO 9001: 2015 and BRC Consumer certifications, in addition the Bio line has received both the GOTS certification for organic textiles and the Green Product Award for ecological sustainability.

  • XPand is the exclusive manufacturing process patented by MartiniSpA, which allows us to enrich our sponges with natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties.
    The sponges produced with the XPand process have unique characteristics compared to other sponges, in particular an unmatched softness and the ability to expand in water thanks to their exceptional absorbency.
    The XPand process takes place with reactions to water, avoiding chemical agents and solvents that are harmful to the environment.

  • The wording “dermatalogically tested” can be used when the cosmetic product has been subjected to a non-irritating outcome to the Patch test on 20 volunteers, which provides contact with the skin in an occlusive manner for 48 hours and a consequent verification of the skin reactivity at a distance of 15 ‘and 24h. The Patch Test is an assessment of compatibility with human skin in accordance with the Colipa Guidelines (“Guidelines for the Assessment of Skin Tolerance of Potentially Irritant Cosmetic Ingredients” Etition of 1997).
    For our tests we are supported by the ABICH laboratory (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certificate), where the study is conducted under the clinical direction of Dr. Samuele Burastero, specialist in Allergology and Clinical Immunology, researcher at the San Raffaele Institute of Milan .
    Although this test is mandatory only for cosmetic products, Martini SpA has decided to carry it out for every bodycare product, guaranteeing greater quality and safety.

  • To avoid the accumulation of bacteria it is important to keep the sponges clean, through a few simple actions:
    1. after use, wet your sponge again and apply a drop of detergent;
    2. make the foam, gently squeezing the sponge in your hands, to remove excess water;
    3. let your sponge dry in the air.

  • No, MartiniSPA is distributed in more than 50 countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, USA, Japan, Russia, Spain.