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X-Pand Process,
our pride

From the exclusive X-Pand production process we get unique products that can be enriched with fragrant essences and natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties.
Extremely soft sponges, able to expand in water thanks to their superior absorbency.

All the pluses of X-Pand

  • Cold process
  • Water-based reactions
  • Without the use of chemical agents and solvents harmful to the environment
  • Without catalysis
  • No blowing agents
  • Slow process and low energy impact
  • Environment friendly process because it preserves the seabed

Innovation and Creativity

The planning and designing of sponges and of body care and home cleaning products are carried out both by an inside team of designers and planners and outside collaborators from Italy and abroad.

Research & Development

Research and focus groups provide priceless indications that are carefully evaluated in order to define new choices and strategies directing market choices.


The constant striving towards innovation and research allows Martini to present to the consumer finished products whose shapes and colours are always in fashion.

People first

In Martini SPA we are sure that to preserve and continue the company tradition we have to aim for the human value, key factor of our success.

Company Certifications


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