Hygiene has one more ally

Two worlds, home and body
to protect everything you care about


A line of products enriched with silver ions and zinc pyrithione to ensure the safe well-being of your skin, thanks to the bacteriostatic action that prevents any bacterial proliferation.


An innovative line of products to take care of the home safely and effectively through the action of antibacterial ingredients such as silver ions, copper, thiabendazole and zinc pyrithione.

Innovative ingredients against the growth of bacteria, for safe hygiene


Silver is a natural antimicrobial with active ions capable of penetrating bacterial membranes and destroy the envelope of the bacterial cell. The silver ions incorporated within the sponges and yarns are therefore effective in inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria, keeping the sponges and fabric gloves protected during daily use.


Copper is a metal known for its antibacterial properties and has a natural ability to quickly eliminate the microorganisms that settle on its surface. The copper incorporated within the strong fibre of the kitchen sponge effectively inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, keeping the sponge protected and inhibiting the formation of bad odours.


Zinc pyrithione is an organic zinc compound well known for its broad-spectrum antimicrobial/bacteriostatic properties.
This ingredient, incorporated into the sponge material, inhibits the growth of bacteria and moulds, keeping the sponge protected and preventing bad odours.


Thiabendazole is a disinfectant known for its antimicrobial properties, commonly used as a food preservative (E233) to counteract the formation of mould in fruit and vegetables. The thiabendazole incorporated within the sponge effectively counteracts the proliferation of bacteria, keeping the sponge protected and preventing bad odours.

Stop to bacteria with Hygiene+

Hygiene+ is the innovative line of body sponges and home sponges that puts technology at the service of hygiene: the ingredients that enrich all the products inhibit the growth of bacteria and guarantee maximum protection.

For body and home care

For those who want maximum protection against bacteria

For effective and lasting cleaning

For those looking for high technical performance products

For those who want to feel safe and protected