Herbaria collection is inspired by the luxuriant world of Mediterranean vegetation and its smells. These sponges’ formulation is enriched by fresh and characteristic aromas, traditionally employed in phytotherapy and officinal preparations (mint, lavender, myrtle…).

Aromatherapy’s properties transform the shower time in a great occasion to take care of your psychophysical well-being.

100% Made in Italy.

In this collection you can find

Air dry the product after use
Not tested on animals
Made from renewable energy
Made in Italy
Rinse before and after use
Skin friendly

In this collection


Gommage sponge aromatherapy Herbaria myrtle

Innovative scrub sponge enriched with myrtle essential oil, traditionally employed in phytotherapy and officinal preparations.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, myrtle essence
CODE: 4650P00


Relax sponge aromatherapy Herbaria Lavender

Aromatherapy relaxing sponge enriched with lavender essential oil, traditionally employed in phytotherapy and officinal preparations.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, lavender essence
CODE: 4650P00


Massage Sponge aromatherapy Herbaria Mint

Make the shower-bath an opportunity for energy reactivation, thanks to the power of aromatherapy.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, mint essential oil
CODE: 4650P00


Massage/gommage glove – easy grip

The very soft 100% cotton fabric side, ideal for the most sensitive skin, gently cleanses the skin.

COMPOSITION: 100% cotton, 100% polyurethane
CODE: 4655P00


Relax & Scrub strip with Natural Sisal

It cleanses and exfoliates the skin in depth in the most natural way, thanks to its 100% vegetal materials.

COMPOSITION: 28% sisal, 72% cotton
CODE: 4656P00


Sisal relax&scrub mitten

The sisal side exerts a deep exfoliating action, and the very soft cotton fabric side gen- tly cleanses the skin.

COMPOSITION: 100% sisal, 100% cotton
CODE: 4658P00


Shower cap

The shower cap protects hair from becoming wet. It will keep your hair dry and will maintain your style, while showering or bathing.

COMPOSITION: polyester
CODE: 4654P00

Info & Curiosities


In aromatherapy, lavender is used to counteract sleep disorders, inflammation, flu, indigestion and sunburn. It even performs a sedative action on mood.


Myrtle essential oil is extremely useful for all respiratory diseases. Due to its well-known harmonizing effect, it is used to purify and give tranquility.