Spongy pills

Have you ever noticed that when your muscles are stiff, your mind is overflowing and the cold has soaked your bones… it is enough to dedicate some time to a hot shower or bath to put you back on your feet.
If you want to feel better a shower can sometimes be better than a pill!

And, since we like to play, we have created a set of sponges inspired by the most fashionable pills, to make sure we do not take ourselves too seriously.

In this collection you can find

Not tested on animals
Latex free
Made in Italy
Medium exfoliation
Skin friendly

In this collection

Spongy Pill Red

Body sponge

A heart-shaped body sponge, for a restorative and energizing shower or bath!

COMPOSITION: Polyurethane
CODE: 6186B00

Sponge Pill

Scrub body sponge

Reinvigorating and purifying, this spongy pill will make your skin toned and silky.

COMPOSITION: Polyurethane
CODE: 6186B00


Energetic body sponge

Thanks to the energetic scrubbing action of this funny tablet-sponge allows to take care of the skin, keeping it toned and smooth.

COMPOSITION: Polyurethane
CODE: 6186B00

Info & Curiosities


Anche le spugne dalle forme più divertenti permettono di prendersi cura della propria pelle mantenendola tonica e levigata.


Difendiamo il valore del Made in Italy come realtà di sapienza artigianale, spirito d’iniziativa, genialità e innovazione.