Activated carbon



Active 277 300 Martini Spa

Luxury Active is one of our most innovative collections, specific for oily and impure skins, thanks to its formulation enriched with Activated carbon.

MartiniSPA’s constant research and innovation has allowed to enrich sponges with active carbon of vegetable origin. This material is naturally endowed of highly absorbent and detoxifying properties, which have made it a purity elixir since ancient times.
The usage of Luxury Active Sponges favours the efficient cleansing of the skin, removing all superficial impurity from the skin.

100% Made in Italy.

In this collection you can find

Not tested on animals
Latex free
Made in Italy
Rinse before and after use
It protects the sea bed
Skin friendly

In this collection


Face 2 make-up removal sponge

Thanks to its natural highly “adsorbent” properties, removes make-up, effectively cleansing impure skin, for a radiant look!

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, active charcoal
CODE: 4973P00


Stone body sponge

The special shape allows a comfortably grip of the sponge, facilitating the removal of superficial skin impurities.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, active charcoal
CODE: 4972P00


Gommage Face & body sponge

The special shape of the sponge, when used to massage face and body, facilitates the removal of superficial skin impurities.

COMPOSITION: X-Pand process, active charcoal
CODE: 4971P00



To.Go 277 300 Martini Spa

To.Go is the newest idea from MartiniSPA, bringing attention to body care when outside of the home.
A product line for a contemporary target group of consumers on-the-go, active and never still. Fitness enthusiasts, eternal travelers, for work or for pleasure.

Versatile, practical and elegant, for those seeking a complete and gratifying wellness experience wherever they are.

Respect for humanity and the environment are the pillars on which MartiniSPA stands, a commitment that also applies to To.Go line. For these reasons the company has kept packaging to a minimum, using cardboard to lessen the environmental impact, and meet the growing need for sustainability.

In this collection you can find

Made in Italy
Massaging shape
Skin friendly
Strong exfoliation

In this collection


Dual texture body scrubber

A true cure-all, perfect for the shower and for all skin types.

COMPOSITION: polyester, nylon, polyurethane
CODE: 4601TG0


Exfoliating fabric strip

Compact, light and easy to carry, its regenerating scrub leaves skin toned and glowing.

COMPOSITION: polyester, nylon
CODE: 4602TG0


Loofah and cotton dual action glove

The pure loofah side provides deep exfoliation, while the cotton side aids best skin cleansing.

COMPOSITION: loofah, linen, cotton
CODE: 4600TG0


Gentle scrub glove

It helps remove surface impurities from the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

COMPOSITION: polyester, polyethylene


Activated charcoal body sponge

For those who want to treat themselves to a revitalizing massage that removes surface skin impurities.

COMPOSITION: XPand process
CODE: 4971TG0


Mesh shower pouf

Easy to carry in its convenient pouch, so its energizing action can be taken anywhere, any time.

CODE: 539TG0

Massage brush with regenerating sponge

The special texture and wave shape of the sponge make a natural massage for the whole body.

CODE: 492TG0


Massage brush with bristles

A vigorous massage with bristles leaves the user feeling reborn from head to foot.

CODE: 491TG0


Toiletry bag

Light and space-saving, it can go anywhere. Great for the gym too!

COMPOSITION: polyester, nylon
CODE: 4605TG0


Gym towel

Made of high quality, ultra-soft and super absorbent microfiber, deals with sweat instantly.

COMPOSITION: polyester, nylon
CODE: 4604TG0


Ultralight backpack

Strong and comfortable, it is just right for short treks or city tours. Convenient for the gym too, after a workout.

CODE: 4606TG0


Water bottle

The truly environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles thanks to Tritan material. BPA-free.

CODE: 4608TG0