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7 tips on how to clean the sponge

7 tips on how to clean the sponge 1200 900 Martini Spa

Wiping out germs

Now we all know that used sponges can potentially harbour high concentrations of germs and bacteria: the presence of moisture and food residues contributes to their proliferation.
That is why it is essential to change them frequently kitchen sponges – about every fortnight – and use a sponge just for washing dishes. Or, again, one cannot do without periodic sanitisation. So discover MartiniSPA’s exclusive 7 tips on how to clean the sponge you use every day.

1 – Microwave oven

A quick and easy method. Simply clean the sponge and immerse it in a bowl of cold water. You then place the bowl with the sponge in the microwave, turning it on to maximum power for at least 4 minutes. Once left to cool, the sponge is completely sterilised.

2 – Washing machine or dishwasher

There are also people who prefer the convenience of running the sponge through a washing machine or dishwasher cycle and then letting it dry in the sunlight. If you choose the washing machine, it is recommended to set the temperature above 60°C.

3 – Steam

Staying on the subject of temperature, one can also opt for sanitising with steam at 100°C. The only caveat is to deliver steam at a short distance from the sponge, for at least 30 seconds on each side. In this way, only 0.1% of germs, parasites or viruses survive the operation.

4 – Natural disinfectants

Vinegar, salt, lemon and baking soda can come in handy if you choose a more natural way. In addition to having disinfectant and descaling properties, they remove odours from the sponge. It is enough to soak it for two hours in boiling water with vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice – or possibly fine salt.

5 – Hydrogen peroxide or degreaser

Those with a dispenser can also rely on a mix of sterilised water – 30% – and hydrogen peroxide – 70%. After half an hour in this liquid, any sponge will say goodbye to bacteria.

6 – Bleach

90% hot water and 10% bleach: here is a variation of the previous suggestion. After soaking for about 30 minutes, sponges and pads are disinfected and sterilised. After soaking, it is recommended to rinse the sponges thoroughly – preferably with warm water.

7 – Choose Hygiene+ by MartiniSPA

Wondering how best to clean the sponge is legitimate. But of course what also makes the difference is choosing the best sponge for classic cleaning tasks. With Hygiene+ sponges you can enjoy perfect antibacterial action and guaranteed hygiene over time. The innovative Hygiene+ line bases its effectiveness on the joint action of silver ions, copper, thiabendazole and zinc pyrithione – elements that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria. Be surprised by the tech soul of MartiniSPA.