Christmas sponges? Here is the Christmas Collection from MartiniSPA

Christmas sponges? Here is the Christmas Collection from MartiniSPA 1200 900 Martini Spa

Choosing a Christmas gift in the beauty category is a goal that hides several pitfalls. It takes very little to get the right moisturizer wrong or to choose an expensive set of oils and balms with essences that are too lingering. Not to mention masks, lifting solutions or beauty serums.

So why not opting for a soft sympathy? Let yourself be charmed by MartiniSPA’s Christmas Collection. Surprise friends, family and partners with our cheerful and colorful soft polyurethane sponges.

Christmas Collection sponges are embellished with a cord for hanging them on a gift box, Christmas tree, or to be used for home decor: in short, unleash your imagination. Each product is also individually wrapped in red ribbon packaging and personalized cardstock. Want to learn more about the fun subjects in the Christmas Collection?

1 – Santa Claus

Red hat, thick white beard and unfailing smile. The ambassador of our Collection is indeed him, Santa Claus. While waiting for his arrival – you are on the good list, aren’t you? -, to use his sponge, however, you do not have to wait until the 25th.

2 – Christmas Tree

Forgive us crib addicts, but we couldn’t resist the charm of a Christmas tree embellished with stars and ornaments. All this translated into a soft sponge and – given the shape – with a perfect handle.

3 – Christmas ball

We were talking about Christmas tree, right? And so here is also the declination in decorative ball format. However, for this time you can move it away from the fir tree and take it into the tub or shower for a relaxing moment.

4 – Snowflake

The Christmas Collection is completed with the tender lightness of white winter days. Those in which a sprinkle of snow is enough to elevate the romance of any landscape. Therefore, it could not miss the sponge in snowflake format: a guarantee of success.