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Spugna a rete 100% riciclata: viva l’igiene circolare!

100% recycled net sponge: long live circular hygiene!

100% recycled net sponge: long live circular hygiene! 1200 900 Martini Spa

Hygiene: the culture of recycling is growing [adnkronos research]

According to The Green Response Survey 2021 conducted by Essity, 66% of Italians have adopted a more sustainable lifestyle since the beginning of the pandemic. Consumer awareness regarding green issues is increasing, even for the purchase of hygiene products: 20% are looking for information on their environmental impact, while 17% buy only products that can be recycled easily. However, the most striking figures relate to the willingness to spend: 36% of respondents are willing to spend more on recycled or composted products after use, 31% demand renewable or naturally sourced materials and 29% require recycled or renewable packaging.

Trust in brands [Altroconsumo survey]

In short, consumer demands seem to have taken a distinctly more sustainable course. In this respect, trust in a brand commitment does not always reach the highest peaks. A recent survey by Altroconsumo states that 65% of consumers claim to be able to distinguish between greenwashing claims and actual green stances by brands. 45% of respondents even believe that the green nature of some products is used as a justification to raise prices. This is why brand reputation is a crucial factor. Furthermore, thanks to its long-standing history of innovation and the certifications it has earned over the years, MartiniSPA is an established trend-setter in the sustainable hygiene industry.

What’s new at MartiniSPA

Proof of this is the constant renewal of our offering, whose latest example is the 100% recycled and recyclable net sponges. The new must-have products by MartiniSPA are made from sustainable materials to make every beauty routine even more environmentally friendly. Their exfoliating properties are perfect for those looking for a relaxing bath enriched by soft foam. Available in 4 vibrant colours, at the end of their use, the sponges can be disposed of in the plastic recycling bin, contributing to the circular life cycle of the material.

The well-being of Massage Color

In addition to the 100% recycled net sponges, the Massage Color range of products also includes the new shower caps. Also available in different colours, they are the best way to protect the hair when showering or bathing. Massage Color, therefore, remains MartiniSPA’s most comprehensive and iconic collection. Sponges, exfoliating and massage gloves, brushes and much more: the Massage Color line truly knows how to surprise and satisfy every need, thanks to unique and safe formulas.