LOST Music Festival: MartiniSPA tra arte e note elettroniche

LOST Music Festival: MartiniSPA amidst art and electronic notes

LOST Music Festival: MartiniSPA amidst art and electronic notes 1200 900 Martini Spa

LOST Music Festival, sounds from the labyrinth

Art is often experimentation, chance and a meeting of different worlds. This is why the LOST Music Festival is ready to captivate an entire international audience with its second edition at full capacity – first edition dates back to 2019. From 17 to 19 June 2022, the Labirinto della Masone of Fontanellato (PR) will host 3 days and 2 nights of electronic music, installations and art exhibitions. Eclectic sounds of Italian and foreign players of the genre – among whom Lee Gamble and Caterina Barbieri stand out – will embrace the nature of the largest labyrinth in the world. Conceived in 2015 by Franco Maria Ricci, the labyrinth in fact includes over 200 thousand bamboo plants spreading over a 7-hectare park. Even a publishing house, a restaurant, a museum, a library and other refined cultural infrastructures all find space within it.

MartiniSPA main sponsor of Anelo1997, guest artist of LOST

LOST – Labyrinth Original Sound Track – may be construed as an immense collector of contemporary languages, which are to be artistically expressed within a unique environmental context. This is why MartiniSPA joined the exhibition as the main sponsor of the artist Anelo1997, thus contributing to the creation of the work 8PUS_0622. The artwork placed in the entrance courtyard of the Labirinto della Masone (Masone Labyrinth) will host the Bamboo Stage of the festival, welcoming performances of DJs and musicians who will alternate on stage.
8PUS_0622 is a fascinating iron installation redesigning the surrounding space, thus welcoming an internship for musicians and creating a meeting place for the public. Each phonic element is embraced in the artwork, starting with the artist called to perform with his/her own tracks: the performer is above the audience while his harmonies are projected through metal tentacles of the 8PUS_0622.

A question of shared values

As mentioned, MartiniSPA’s participation at the LOST Music Festival is due to the brand’s awareness towards environmentally conscious forms of expression. Just as the music-artistic initiative seeks new expressive idioms that are enhanced within natural settings, MartiniSPA is also a reference point for sustainable well-being in its industry. The brand’s offering is based on innovation and eco-friendly characteristics along the whole production chain. In addition, there is a marked international openness and constant growth towards research for healthy lifestyles aimed at the person’s well-being. And yes, this is art.