How to wash dogs and cats? Here comes the My Pet Spa line

How to wash dogs and cats? Here comes the My Pet Spa line 1200 900 Martini Spa

Grooming at home: prepare for the challenge

Some people call it “bathing”, perhaps to exorcise the fear of the challenge with a nickname. But grooming our four-legged friends and housemates often remains an obstacle that is anything but nimble. Washing dogs and cats can turn your bathroom into a huge expanse of hair and suds. To avoid this prospect, experts recommend accustoming animals to physical contact with water from puppyhood. Perhaps preferring the bathtub to the shower and with the invaluable help of non-slip mats, as well as a preventive nail trim.

My Pet Spa Collection, all the help you need

In addition to the usual tips & tricks, if you are still looking for concrete help in washing your pets, get ready for MartiniSPA’s big news. From June, the brand new My Pet Spa collection, designed exclusively for cleaning dogs and cats, will be available. Soft sponges and pads, delicate cloths and ergonomic brushes: the My Pet Spa line offers effective solutions even for cleansing the most complicated and sensitive areas. And it does so by using materials that are natural and pleasant to the touch. The MartiniSPA offering therefore welcomes a new series of products that can transform a traumatic experience into sweet relaxation for Romeo and Fido.

The real trick is to make him comfortable. But how?

Certainly, the My Pet Spa collection is a superlative support you can rely on. For the correct hygiene of dogs and cats, the classic precautions and care still apply. Starting with eye, nose and ear care, and continuing with diluting hypoallergenic shampoo in half a litre of lukewarm water: 2 or 3 tablespoons for small dogs and cats, 5 or 6 for larger dogs. Finally, be careful when drying and avoid excessive use of the hair dryer. Above all, never forget to gratify your dog or cat with a reward at the end of grooming: cuddles, games or snacks are always welcome to fortify good habits.