Hygiene+, la pulizia è una questione di chimica

Hygiene+, cleaning is a matter of chemistry

Hygiene+, cleaning is a matter of chemistry 1200 900 Martini Spa

Silver ions, a long history

The combination of silver and medicine has been very successful over the centuries. Just think of the treatises from classical and medieval times that considered it a valuable aid in limiting inflammation and infection: in other words, long before medicine became modern, the medical properties of silver were well known. However, today we have obviously perfected its use, as with silver ions. When placed in the right solutions, they naturally sanitise surfaces and objects, reducing the bacterial load and preventing the growth of fungi or mould.

A safe home with Hygiene+

That is why MartiniSPA offers a wide range of products enriched with silver ions. The Hygiene+ line has bacteriostatic cloths and sponges for use in standard cleaning operations. In addition to silver, this innovative selection also relies on the special properties of copper, thiabendazole and zinc pyrithione. Want some examples? They range from multi-purpose sponges – with strong fibre or dual antibacterial protection – to non-scratch sponges – with cellulose inserts or nail protection – to dual weave floor, glass and multipurpose cloths.

Hygiene+, feel the safety on your skin

Silver ions and zinc pyrithione also feature in the other section of the Hygiene+ range, the one dedicated to the body and, more specifically, to cleansing and comforting your skin. Among the most iconic products in the line is the scented soft scrub sponge, with X-PAND process and exfoliating microgranules for a silky-smooth effect. Those seeking for the utmost well-being will instead fulfil their dreams with the extra soft body sponge, also in a scented version. Another option available is the soft & scrub body sponge, tailor-made for pleasantly effective action. In addition to the mesh sponge, MartiniSPA’s offering is rounded off with the exclusive double-action soft & scrub glove and the special body brush with wavy massage sponge.
So, why settle for normal hygiene when you can have more? Better still, when you can have Hygiene+? Get rid of bacteria with a set of high quality products for you and your environment.

The Inspired Home Show 2022: MartiniSPA returns to Chicago

The Inspired Home Show 2022: MartiniSPA returns to Chicago 1200 900 Martini Spa

A trade fair with 80 years of successes

For decades, The Inspired Home Show has been the most prestigious home products trade fair in North America and beyond. Every year until 2019, the event of the International Housewares Association used to host more than 52,000 sector professionals and brands, with registrations from more than 130 Countries around the world. The Inspired Home Show, therefore, was the gravity centre of the home industry, where to network, discover the most innovative trends, take part in educational initiatives, and show company offerings to the large audience of stakeholders.

The relaunch of The Inspired Home Show

The Covid-19 pandemic, however, forced the organisers to postpone the 2020 and 2021 events. Now, at last, is the moment to turn the lights of Chicago’s McCormick Place, the event’s historic headquarters, on once more. The Inspired Home 2022 will be enhanced by special novelties, such as Connect 365. The event’s digital Marketplace is getting ready to revolutionise the relationship between brands and users, who can have an exclusive preview of the products that will be the stars of the unique show of the Windy City. Obviously, MartiniSPA and its best lines had to be included in the list of international brands.

MartiniSPA: here is how to hold Illinois in thrall

From 5 to 7 March, when looking at exposition space N6453 – North building, floor 3, hall B1 visitors will in fact discover how creativity and innovation can best serve the environment. For example, they will see demonstrations of the unique properties of the Beauty Sponges, the sponges created by MartiniSPA with the X-Pand process to exalt the active principles of their natural components with heady fragrances: aloe vera, coconut, hemp seeds, pink grapefruit, or coconut. Made for all skin types, the Beauty Sponges enhance every minute spent under the shower.

Hygiene+, a healthy body in a healthy house

Visitors to The 2022 Inspired Home Show will be able to feast their eyes on the MartiniSPA Hygiene+ collection, with sponges and accessories for the home and the body. The fair’s guests will admire the excellence of the antibacterial ingredients that identify the Hygiene+ line: silver ions, zinc pyrithione, copper, and thiabendazole are just some of the ingredients on which MartiniSPA has built an invaluable bacteriostatic action for safe families in safe domestic environments. An example of Made in Italy in step with the times, that is sure to have an impact also on the other shore of the Atlantic.

Mr. Eco® al The Inspired Home Show

The Mr. Eco® range will, once more, be the undeniable star of the show. The winners of the Red Dot Design Awards 2020, the products of the most recent MartiniSPA inspiration, are taking the market by surprise with their 4 strong points: no plastic elements, recyclable and biodegradable materials, natural ingredients (from loofah to bamboo), and sustainable packaging made from FSC® certified paper. Because this is the true identity of MartiniSPA, to also be witnessed in Chicago: a brand that breaks new ground with its focus on the environment, without compromising the originality and uniqueness of its products.

+++ TIHS 2022 Update from the MartiniSPA team +++

The experience of The Inspired Home Show 2022 has fully satisfied the MartiniSPA staff present in Illinois. A positive balance – in terms of networking and new leads – summed up well in our team’s closing statement:

“The Inspired Home Show allowed us to meet many partners and potential customers in just a few days. The show was a very successful moment and we had the chance to explain to many visitors our history, the inspiration behind each product and current trends such as eco-friendly Mr.Eco® and Hygiene+ antibacterial products. Thank you Chicago for this opportunity!”

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