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5 ideas for skin care in autumn

5 ideas for skin care in autumn 1200 900 Martini Spa

The challenges of autumn

Sun creams, tanning, melatonin to stimulate. With the arrival of autumn, all this leaves room for new needs for your skin care. For example, cold-induced vasoconstriction results in less abundant blood circulation, with a drop in the supply of nutrients to the skin. Not considering the frequent risk of dry skin, related to the reduction in the activity of the sebaceous glands.
And do you have the right tools to win the challenge against dryness, itching and micro-lesions of the skin while waiting for next spring? Find out with MartiniSPA ideas.

1 – Keyword: scrub

Every skin’s primary need in autumn is proper exfoliation. Choose the best scrub to remove dead skin cells, preparing you as best as possible for any treatment. Considering sunspots, the greatest issue following summer: only an ideal scrub can minimise them.

2 – Don’t underestimate hydration

Do you want radiant skin even in the last months of the year? Hydrate it by drinking about 2 litres of water a day. Other valid alternatives to supplement the moisturising supply are infusions, teas or ad hoc herbal teas. Alcohol and caffeine are strictly not recommended – they only have dehydrating effects.

3 – Shower vs bath

Experts recommend a shower over a bath. Thanks to less time in contact with water, the skin is not excessively degreased with a shower. But pay attention to the temperature: prolonged exposure to hot water eliminates the protective film on the skin. Better opt for medium-short, warm temperature showers.

4 – External factors

If the greatest risks in summer for your skin are due to uncontrolled exposure to sunlight, in autumn you have new antagonists: cold, wind, rain and dry air in heated rooms. A perfect beauty routine must therefore entail creams and protection products, as well as a healthy and energising diet for your skin.

5 – It remains green even in autumn

Once again, the most effective solution for every need is inspired by nature. To give you sublime skin even in autumn, MartiniSPA has in fact created the exclusive Massage Natural line. Enjoy an unmissable SPA in your home, with plant-based materials, such as a loofah and cotton. Every product in the collection is latex-free, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. What are you waiting for? Change your autumn right away!

7 consigli su come pulire la spugna - 10-22 - MartiniSPA

7 tips on how to clean the sponge

7 tips on how to clean the sponge 1200 900 Martini Spa

Wiping out germs

Now we all know that used sponges can potentially harbour high concentrations of germs and bacteria: the presence of moisture and food residues contributes to their proliferation.
That is why it is essential to change them frequently kitchen sponges – about every fortnight – and use a sponge just for washing dishes. Or, again, one cannot do without periodic sanitisation. So discover MartiniSPA’s exclusive 7 tips on how to clean the sponge you use every day.

1 – Microwave oven

A quick and easy method. Simply clean the sponge and immerse it in a bowl of cold water. You then place the bowl with the sponge in the microwave, turning it on to maximum power for at least 4 minutes. Once left to cool, the sponge is completely sterilised.

2 – Washing machine or dishwasher

There are also people who prefer the convenience of running the sponge through a washing machine or dishwasher cycle and then letting it dry in the sunlight. If you choose the washing machine, it is recommended to set the temperature above 60°C.

3 – Steam

Staying on the subject of temperature, one can also opt for sanitising with steam at 100°C. The only caveat is to deliver steam at a short distance from the sponge, for at least 30 seconds on each side. In this way, only 0.1% of germs, parasites or viruses survive the operation.

4 – Natural disinfectants

Vinegar, salt, lemon and baking soda can come in handy if you choose a more natural way. In addition to having disinfectant and descaling properties, they remove odours from the sponge. It is enough to soak it for two hours in boiling water with vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice – or possibly fine salt.

5 – Hydrogen peroxide or degreaser

Those with a dispenser can also rely on a mix of sterilised water – 30% – and hydrogen peroxide – 70%. After half an hour in this liquid, any sponge will say goodbye to bacteria.

6 – Bleach

90% hot water and 10% bleach: here is a variation of the previous suggestion. After soaking for about 30 minutes, sponges and pads are disinfected and sterilised. After soaking, it is recommended to rinse the sponges thoroughly – preferably with warm water.

7 – Choose Hygiene+ by MartiniSPA

Wondering how best to clean the sponge is legitimate. But of course what also makes the difference is choosing the best sponge for classic cleaning tasks. With Hygiene+ sponges you can enjoy perfect antibacterial action and guaranteed hygiene over time. The innovative Hygiene+ line bases its effectiveness on the joint action of silver ions, copper, thiabendazole and zinc pyrithione – elements that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria. Be surprised by the tech soul of MartiniSPA.

Christmas sponges? Here is the Christmas Collection from MartiniSPA

Christmas sponges? Here is the Christmas Collection from MartiniSPA 1200 900 Martini Spa

Choosing a Christmas gift in the beauty category is a goal that hides several pitfalls. It takes very little to get the right moisturizer wrong or to choose an expensive set of oils and balms with essences that are too lingering. Not to mention masks, lifting solutions or beauty serums.

So why not opting for a soft sympathy? Let yourself be charmed by MartiniSPA’s Christmas Collection. Surprise friends, family and partners with our cheerful and colorful soft polyurethane sponges.

Christmas Collection sponges are embellished with a cord for hanging them on a gift box, Christmas tree, or to be used for home decor: in short, unleash your imagination. Each product is also individually wrapped in red ribbon packaging and personalized cardstock. Want to learn more about the fun subjects in the Christmas Collection?

1 – Santa Claus

Red hat, thick white beard and unfailing smile. The ambassador of our Collection is indeed him, Santa Claus. While waiting for his arrival – you are on the good list, aren’t you? -, to use his sponge, however, you do not have to wait until the 25th.

2 – Christmas Tree

Forgive us crib addicts, but we couldn’t resist the charm of a Christmas tree embellished with stars and ornaments. All this translated into a soft sponge and – given the shape – with a perfect handle.

3 – Christmas ball

We were talking about Christmas tree, right? And so here is also the declination in decorative ball format. However, for this time you can move it away from the fir tree and take it into the tub or shower for a relaxing moment.

4 – Snowflake

The Christmas Collection is completed with the tender lightness of white winter days. Those in which a sprinkle of snow is enough to elevate the romance of any landscape. Therefore, it could not miss the sponge in snowflake format: a guarantee of success.


Dry skin after winter: how to help it

Dry skin after winter: how to help it 1920 700 Martini Spa

The long-awaited spring has finally arrived!
As the temperatures rise, we need to start lightening our skin, not only by the heavy sweaters, but also by the cosmetics that have protected us from the cold in winter.
Here’s an easy spring beauty routine !

1. Exfoliates
After the cold of winter, the skin appears dry and thickened: it must be renewed by performing the right exfoliation ritual. Once or twice a week, replace the normal bath and face cleansing sponge with an exfoliating sponge or a Martini scrub sponge.

2. Deep cleanse

Choose specific cleansers for facial skin such as micellar water which, with its innovative formula, attracts all impurities leaving the skin completely purified. The goal is to make our skin breathe and oxygenate.

3. Hydrate your skin

Do not abandon the good habit of putting a cream in the evening, before going to sleep: in this moodo you guarantee the skin all the principles it needs to renew itself.
With increasing temperatures, the pores of the skin open, giving the skin that annoying shiny and sweaty effect: choose a cream with a light texture and which is easily absorbed.

4. Take care of your hands and feet

After months covered under closed gloves and shoes, our hands and feet also emerge from hibernation.
How to cuddle them?
1. Exfoliation : use exfoliating sponges and pumice stones maybe after immersing for a few minutes in warm water and Marseille soap.
2. Hydration : in the morning and in the evening, apply a body cream or even a foot cream generously in order to nourish the skin, making it soft and well-groomed.

Good spring!

Come pulire i vetri

How to clean glass without streaks: 5 mistakes to avoid

How to clean glass without streaks: 5 mistakes to avoid 1200 800 Martini Spa

In this article, we reveal how to clean glass without streaks and which tools to use to make your windows and other glass surfaces in your home shine.

If you want a tidy home, it’s important that all glass surfaces are clean. Just a bit of dirt and streaks can make the whole house look unkempt, and the larger the windows, the more noticeable it is.

How to clean glass without streaks: from shower to windows

Pollution and dirt slowly but surely accumulate on the glass in our homes, both inside and out, obstructing the view and sunlight. But do you know what can make the situation worse? Streaks caused by inadequate glass cleaning. Not only windows but from the shower to the car, professional glass cleaning is necessary for a good result.

Here are the mistakes to avoid to clean glass without streaks or smudges:

☓ Choosing a sunny day to clean the windows

Scorching sun will dry water and cleaner before you can wipe it, leaving difficult-to-remove streaks. It’s better to choose cloudy days or shady times of the day.

☓ Spraying cleaner on dirt and dust

Vacuum the dirt from the window frame with a brush or handheld vacuum. This way, you’ll avoid turning the dirt into a muddy mess when mixed with cleaner.

☓ Using too little cleaner

You need plenty of cleaner to dissolve and suspend dirt so it can be completely removed. If you don’t want streaks, use the correct amounts for deep cleaning.

☓ Using old rags

Some prefer to dry glass with newspapers, but it’s better to use reusable microfiber cloths. They are super absorbent, washable, and leave the glass shiny and streak-free. Plus, being reusable, they are more sustainable. If you must use paper, avoid paper towels and napkins that can tear and leave lint.

Our recommendation is the Hygiene+ microfiber cloths, which have a soft blue side for removing grease and water and a side coated with anti-streak synthetic rubber, perfect for cleaning glass and shiny surfaces.

☓ Using a squeegee

If you use a squeegee, where does the water go? On the floor. Unless you’re a professional who can use it properly, avoid it to prevent mess and drips, unless you have very large windows.

Choosing the best product to clean glass without streaks

To clean windows without leaving streaks, you must first choose the right tools. Specifically, there are some more sustainable ones that can deliver a brilliant result with little effort:

  • Glass cleaner: always choose biodegradable and environmentally friendly detergents for a greener glass cleaning.
  • Bucket: if you have a large enough container, use that instead of buying a new one.
  • Cloths: we’ve already mentioned the Hygiene+ line, but Martini products might surprise you even more. The Mr. Eco microfiber cloth, for example, is perfect for drying excess water and detergent thanks to its super absorbent cellulose and is ideal for large window surfaces. Definitely our best product for cleaning glass.
  • Sponges: especially for the exterior, they are important for scrubbing thoroughly to remove smog, dust, and animal droppings. The Hygiene+ anti-scratch sponges are the best for scrubbing without scratching the glass and sanitizing, thanks to the sanitizing particles they contain.
  • Floor Cloth: Be warned, after cleaning the windows, your floor will probably be wet. Arm yourself with Martini’s floor cloth: the double weave will allow you to dry and clean the floor perfectly.

How to clean glass: a step-by-step guide

Now that you know the most common mistakes to avoid, here are the steps for truly professional glass cleaning:

  1. If you have curtains, this is the perfect time to remove and wash them.
  2. Dust the window frame with a microfiber cloth, the tracks, and the sill with a vacuum, duster, or cloth.
  3. Spray the glass generously with glass cleaner. Choose an ecological and biodegradable one for sustainable and gentle cleaning.
  4. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the glass from top to bottom. If you notice streaks, use another slightly damp cloth until the glass is clean. For more stubborn stains, opt for a cellulose sponge or a double-sided anti-scratch one.
  5. While the interior dries, repeat the same steps on the exterior.

Once the glass is clean and the curtains are dry, voilà, your windows are clean!

How to clean glass in a sustainable and effective way? With the right tools from Martini!

Hygiene+ and Mr. Eco are the collections of products from MartiniSPA for home and window cleaning.

The sanitizing elements will also allow for gentle but deep cleaning of the house, making your glass immaculate thanks to the highest quality materials.

Want precise, streak-free window cleaning? Check out our lines!

pulizie in cucina a Natale

How to clean the kitchen after Christmas lunch

How to clean the kitchen after Christmas lunch 1200 800 Martini Spa

The Christmas holidays are approaching, the fridge is filling up, menus are already defined, and guests are invited. Christmas is that time of year when we celebrate moments together, often leaving the post-party cleaning for a later time. However, thoroughly cleaning and organizing the kitchen is an important step, especially for hygiene, as we come into contact with food..

So, how do you do a deep and quick cleaning of the kitchen after Christmas lunch? We at Martini will explain all the tricks for quickly cleaning your kitchen below. And yes, it often comes down to having the right tools. Let’s get started!

What do you need to clean the kitchen after Christmas lunch? Let’s talk about sponges, cloths, and scrubbers

Organizing the kitchen means, first of all, having everything you need on hand. Having the right tools is indeed the first step to save a lot of time and clean thoroughly. Ready for use, you need sponges, soft cloths, and scrubbers. These are different utensils but necessary to remove various types of dirt such as oil stains, grease residues, and limescale. Let’s quickly see how to choose the basic tools for cleaning the kitchen.

What do you need to clean the kitchen: cloths and scrubbers

Rubbing surfaces and drying them is the first step to thoroughly clean furniture and the kitchen. You need at least two tools: a cloth or a wipe to scrub away dirt with detergent, and a cloth for drying.

If your kitchen is made of wood or delicate material, you can opt for sponges like Mr. Eco 90g, made with 100% vegetable cellulose and cotton, perfect for delicate surfaces. They guarantee strength and long-lasting use. Absorbent and quick-drying, they can also be used for drying

If you need to remove particularly tough buildups, an abrasive fiber scrubber that scrapes away stubborn stains is ideal, preferably in combination with a natural degreaser. Once the stain is removed, you can dry with a multi-purpose cloth. We propose ours in bamboo and fiber viscose, soft and super absorbent.

Abrasive sponges for the kitchen

Some prefer abrasive sponges to clean the sink and faucet. It’s great for stubborn dirt, but you need to be careful about the quality of sponges, as they could leave scratches, especially on more delicate surfaces. Among the most used are those from Mr. ECO, with many models, from dual-action ones to 100% vegetable cellulose, scratch-resistant ones to scrubbers for heavily soiled pots.

For all of them, the operation is the same: the green side removes stubborn dirt, the light side is perfect for stove surfaces. And if you’re looking for a 100% natural product, you can consider loofah sponges, natural and compostable.

spugne Mr Eco in cellulosa e fibra

Cleaning after Christmas lunch: essential steps for a sparkling kitchen!

1. Wash the dishes!

Needless to say, but you can’t clean the kitchen well with the sink still full of dishes from the night before. If you had many guests and lots of dishes, don’t rule out the dishwasher option (assuming you have one). It uses less water and is a faster and more ecological choice, as well as an excellent alternative to sanitize dishes thoroughly!

2. Organize and clean the countertop and stove

To give your kitchen a deep clean after the holidays, remove everything on top, such as jars and utensil holders, and sanitize the surfaces, preferably with natural products. The important thing is to sanitize every corner, not forgetting the walls and cabinet doors. Then you can put everything back in its place, but here’s a trick to save time next time: try to keep as few things as possible out of the drawers!

3. Cleaning appliances

Are you trying to tell us that you didn’t use a mixer, oven, or microwave for your dinner? Even appliances need to be cleaned after use. Each appliance needs specific attention for cleaning. What is certain is that Mr. ECO cloths and sponges are the right allies.

4. Trash bin door

CWith the holidays, some trash might have accumulated, especially organic waste! It’s better to move all the bins to remove trash residues. Then wash them with a sponge and soap, preferably in the shower or bathtub. Once washed, you can let them air dry.

5. Floors

With dinners, drinks, and food falling to the floor, the last step after cleaning surfaces is the floor. Vacuum and wash the floor with warm water and a mild detergent. Did you know? Mr. Eco also has bamboo and cotton floor cloths, perfect for delicate surfaces too!

How to clean the kitchen after Christmas? With Mr. ECO!

Mr. ECO is Martini SpA‘s collection of eco-friendly products for home hygiene and cleaning. Cleaning products are made with biodegradable, recyclable materials and without plastic. Our goal is to take care of both your home and the planet.

Among Mr. Eco®’s commitments are the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials and sustainable, low-impact packaging. Want to prepare for a greener Christmas? Take a look at Mr. ECO!

Mr. Eco kitchen

Come pulire il bagno con Hygiene di Martinispa

How to Clean Your Bathroom Effectively: Essential Products and Steps

How to Clean Your Bathroom Effectively: Essential Products and Steps 1200 800 Martini Spa

Have you ever considered how to effectively and quickly clean your bathroom?

The bathroom is the area of the home most susceptible to potential contamination.
If not cleaned properly and not ventilated, it’s easy to encounter the formation of mold, germs, and bacteria, which is why it’s essential to sanitize it correctly. But how do you thoroughly clean the bathroom? In this article, we will give you the best tips for cleaning your bathroom quickly and with the right tools.

What products should you use to clean bathroom surfaces?

When preparing to clean the bathroom, you typically have to face several adversaries: encrusted limescale, bad odors, molds, and stains are always lurking! To ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom, it is therefore important to rely on the right tools. Let’s see what you should arm yourself with to clean the bathroom in the best way possible.

Sponges and cloths for washing

Cloths and sponges, in the bathroom as in the home, are a universal solution. Microfiber and cellulose are perfect materials for their absorbent power and because they release liquids well, polishing even without the use of detergents.
Ideally, to clean the bathroom, you should arm yourself with cloths made of both materials.
Martini Spa therefore offers you Hygiene+, the innovative product line dedicated to home care, to stop bacteria and ensure safe and guaranteed hygiene over time. Martini Spa’s products are integrated with antibacterial elements like silver ions, copper, thiabendazole, and zinc pyrithione, to inhibit the growth of bacteria and ensure maximum protection.

Sanitizing the bathroom with the right detergents

The choice of detergents is also fundamental to effectively clean the bathroom and ensure perfect sanitization. Avoid DIY solutions and mixtures made with vinegar and baking soda. Besides polluting groundwater, they may not sanitize well.

To remove dirt, it’s better to rely on limescale removers and sanitizers, preferably ecological and biodegradable. Excellent are the detergents containing citric acid-based formulas, capable of cleaning the bathroom well without irritating the skin.

N.B: if you have other products open, don’t rush to buy eco-friendly detergents. Remember that the first way to clean sustainably at home is to finish what you already have!

The gloves

Before cleaning the bathroom, remember to wear a pair of gloves for cleaning. This way, you’ll avoid direct contact with bacteria, dirt, and aggressive detergents.

Gloves are necessary to adequately protect your hands from the strongest detergents that could irritate the skin and cause even severe burns. Remember, the well-being of the person and the environment are the most important things, and we at Martini Spa know this well!

The steam cleaner for cleaning the most difficult corners

Last but not least, is the advice to use a steam cleaner. With steam, you can easily and deeply sanitize carpets, shower corners, and bathroom surfaces. Moreover, steam is the best sanitizer when there are people with weak immune systems or those suffering from allergies or asthma at home.

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom in 7 Steps

But now let’s get to the point: how to deep clean the bathroom? Essentially, the goal is to disinfect, remove dirt, and organize. Let’s see the process in a few simple steps.

1. Tidy up!

The first thing to do to clean the bathroom is to remove everything that creates disorder. Put as many things as you can in drawers and avoid leaving brushes, bottles, towels, etc., around. In general, in the bathroom, the fewer things there are, the better!

2. Sanitize the sanitary ware

Toilets and bathtubs are the surfaces where the most bacteria accumulate. Use a suitable disinfectant to clean the surfaces and deeply sanitize. The Martini multi-purpose sponge with scratch-free fiber is ideal for this task. The vegetable cellulose side is absorbent and gentle, while the fiber side is ideal for removing dirt without scratching.

3. Remove the dirt…

With a damp sponge and a bit of stain remover, eliminate stains and residues from the shower walls and sanitary ware. Use a multi-purpose sponge with strong fiber for particularly stubborn stains. You’ll effectively eliminate mold from the walls.

4. …and pay attention to the toilet

For deep toilet sanitation, in addition to the right products, it’s necessary to scrub well, both inside and around the edges. After putting on gloves, take a sponge (those with silver ions are the most sanitizing!) and start scrubbing, insisting on the inner rim, where bacteria accumulate the most. Don’t forget to scrub the toilet seat well, then use a cellulose cloth to dry.

5. It’s time for the glass!

Never forget the mirror and shower doors, where limescale streaks are most noticeable. Arm yourself with a good cloth specifically designed for glass. Why? Because the sponge is extremely important to avoid unsightly streaks. We’ve thought of everything: our multi-purpose glass cloth offers a soft side for removing stains even without detergents, while the latex side is perfect for polishing surfaces. Seeing is believing!

6. Clean the floor

Cleaning the floor is the last step, but not the least important. After sweeping to remove dust and hair residues, immerse the Martini Spa floor cloth in hot water and eco-friendly detergent. Then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water to eliminate any residue.

7. And what about cleaning the bathroom with steam?

When discussing tools for cleaning the bathroom, we mentioned the steam cleaner. Why? Steam is a method that fully replaces any detergent, even the most degreasing ones. Thanks to the steam, you’ll quickly eliminate germs, bacteria, mold, accumulated dirt, and bad odors. After using the steam, dry with our multi-purpose cloth and then go over the floor with the floor cloth. You’ll see great results!

How often should you clean the bathroom?

We’ve discussed how to do it, but… how often should you clean the bathroom? The answer mainly depends on how we use it and the number of people in the house.

Generally, it’s good to dedicate yourself to deep cleaning of sanitary ware and the shower at least once a week. As for the toilet, bidet, and sink, it’s advisable to do it every day.

It’s always good to clean the bathroom walls every week using the most suitable products.

The situation is different for textiles. The shower curtain should be washed at least once a month, while towels should be washed every three or four days. The shower mat should be washed with a disinfectant cycle every week.

How and when should the sponges I used to clean the bathroom be washed?

The bathroom sponges can be sanitized by quickly boiling them in the microwave after each use of the sponge.
To sanitize the sponges with the microwave, simply immerse the sponge in a container filled with water, after rinsing the sponge with water and detergent, and activate at maximum power to eliminate bacteria.

How to Deep Clean the Bathroom? Clearly, with Martini Spa’s cleaning products!

Hygiene+ is the Martini Spa product collection for home and bathroom hygiene and cleaning. The sanitizing elements allow for a gentle yet deep cleaning of the home. Want a clean and tidy bathroom? Check out Hygiene+!

Guide to wash dogs and cats

How to wash your dog and cat: Martini’s Guide

How to wash your dog and cat: Martini’s Guide 1200 800 Martini Spa

Whimpers, scratches… What a chore! Washing your dog and cat at home can be a truly arduous task, but sometimes it’s indispensable. Between outdoor walks and meals, it’s easy for fur to get dirty, bringing dirt into the house. Moreover, bath time can be an opportunity to check for the presence of parasites.

But how do you wash your dog and cat? And how often should you do it?

At Martini, we’ve decided to answer all your questions with a complete step-by-step guide on how to wash your furry friends.
Let’s get started!

Preparation: what can I use to wash my dog and cat?


The first thing to do is to equip yourself with the right soap. Shampoo for humans is absolutely forbidden: animals have a different pH balance. Using human shampoo increases the chances of itching and dermatitis. So, if you care about your pet’s well-being, purchase suitable shampoo, also based on the length of the fur to simplify grooming.

Bath Sponges

With lots of fur, it’s important to have the right accessories on hand to wash your dog and cat. Martini’s My Pet Spa line was created to instantly capture hair and dirt. Being animal lovers ourselves, we’ve thought of all scenarios. You can use our soft sponge to massage sensitive areas, eye and ear pads, and a brush for a good pre-bath combing to remove excess hair. Thanks to Martini’s bath brush, your furry friend’s fur will become shiny and soft. Finally, you can dry your little pet with bamboo and sponge cloths for a natural drying process and total respect for the environment.

Spugna soffice per gatti e cani

How to wash your dog and cat

Now onto the tough part: how to wash dogs and cats?
If you have a cat, you know they don’t like water, in fact, they can quickly retract their claws, and often even dogs aren’t enthusiastic. Here are some tips on how to wash dogs and cats, but remember to respect your pet’s pace first and foremost!


Choose a suitable place to wash your dog and cat. It could be the bathtub, shower, or in the case of small dogs and cats, the sink. Then place a non-slip mat in the shower or bathtub. At this point, prepare your furry friend by brushing their fur to eliminate knots and dead hair before the bath.

Preliminary Check

Before wetting them, check your dog or cat’s ears for cuts and parasites. Also, clean their eyes with suitable sponges previously moistened with warm water.

Bath Time!

Gradually wet the animal starting from the head with a gentle stream of water. The water should be lukewarm, around 25 degrees Celsius.


As mentioned before, use a specific shampoo for dogs, avoiding contact with the eyes and ears. Massage the fur with a sponge, working from the neck to the tail, then rinse well.


At this point, your puppy will probably want to shake off the excess water! To prevent your bathroom from getting wet, use a towel to remove excess water right in the shower. If they resist the hairdryer, you can use it at low temperatures, keeping it at least 15 cm away from the fur. Dry them well, especially during the winter months, to prevent them from getting sick.

Remember the treats!

Animals, in general, don’t like being bathed. Some may be very frightened by the process. Use some treats to reassure your dog or cat and make them associate bath time with a positive experience.

Fun fact: how often to wash your dog and cat?

Washing a cat should only be done when strictly necessary. Cats can become particularly aggressive during bathing, so it’s better to seek professional help.
Generally, cats do not require regular baths unless recommended by a veterinarian, as they can clean themselves. If they have long fur or are elderly, they might need a hand every couple of months. In general, especially with cats, it’s important to brush them often to reduce the amount of hair shed and the formation of hairballs.

As for dogs, they usually need baths every 3-6 months, while if they have long fur, it’s better to bathe them every 4-8 weeks to avoid knots and mats of fur. In general, it’s important not to overdo baths, as excessive washing can remove the natural oils that protect the skin and fur of the animal.

For your dog or cat’s cleaning needs, trust Martini’s My Pet Spa line

My Pet Spa is MartiniSPA’s collection of eco-friendly products for the hygiene and cleanliness of dogs and cats. The sponges, specially designed for your furry friends, will allow for deep and gentle cleaning of the fur. Take a look!

MartiniSPA Extra Virgin: olive hygiene for face and body

MartiniSPA Extra Virgin: olive hygiene for face and body 1200 900 Martini Spa

The properties of Extra Vergine

The medical-cosmetic history of the olive and its extracts – primarily, oil – is lost in the remotest centuries of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilisations. Even before the Egyptians and Phoenicians, to be precise. The benefits of its properties have therefore been appreciated for millennia: it nourishes and moisturises even the driest skin, protecting against free radicals with a soothing and anti-ageing effect. Not to mention its antioxidant and emollient properties. And you can appreciate all this bouquet of qualities with MartiniSPA, in the Extra Virgin collection.

The collection for body and face

The Extra Virgin line presents two types of sponges, with specific formulas for body or face: gentle or exfoliating.

The delicate body pad ensures superior softness, to which the enrichment with olive oil contributes. The same formulation is also found in the make-up removal pads, with exclusive skin nourishing properties. This is why the gentle Extra Virgin sponges restore softness and radiance to every skin.

In addition to the nourishing skill, the exfoliating variants rely on the mechanical action of an olive stone compound. The granules of the sponge perform a gentle massage for an enchanting peeling.

All the products in the Extra Virgin collection are also united by the energy-saving XPand process: its natural active ingredients provide an even softer texture and exceptional absorbency.

Natural combinations

If you only want products made from natural extracts for your skin, MartiniSPA offers additional collections to complement the Extra Virgin selection. For your beauty routine, our experts recommend, for example, the Bamboo line, with precious minerals and antioxidant enzymes. Let yourself be won over by its fascinating features to be discovered in the sponge, relaxation glove, exfoliating strip, make-up remover pad, perfumed net sponge or shower cap formats.

Relaxation and elegance also animate the Massage Natural line, with the largest collection in the MartiniSPA portfolio. Materials and solutions of vegetable origin – such as loofah or cotton – are favoured to give your skin an unprecedented sense of well-being.


Scrub in summer? 5 tips not to go wrong.

Scrub in summer? 5 tips not to go wrong. 1200 900 Martini Spa

Even the most careful and meticulous sometimes underestimate it. But scrubbing in summer is essential to keep skin firm, smooth and toned. With proper skin care, removing dead skin cells and any impurities from the face and body can even enhance your tan.

Are you looking for some tips? MartiniSPA experts have prepared this exclusive shortlist for you: 5 tips to give you flawless skin all summer long.

1 – Removes dull tan.

After a day in the sun, skin tends to tan, but it can also look dull. Scrubbing is an effective way to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and reveal the fresh, glowing skin hiding underneath. Using a gentle scrub on the body and face once a week will result in a more even and long-lasting tan. Always remember to apply adequate sunscreen after the scrub to protect your skin from UV damage.

2 – Prevents sweat and sebum buildup.

During summer, heat and humidity can lead to increased sweat and sebum on the skin, promoting the appearance of blackheads, pimples and other blemishes. Scrubs help remove these impurities by unclogging pores and preventing the buildup of dirt and sebum. For example, you can take advantage of the properties of the loofah and cotton dual action glove, a must-have from MartiniSPA’s To.Go collection. Because clean, purified skin will have fewer acne problems and be less prone to developing blemishes.

3 – Promotes skin hydration.

After scrubbing, the skin is ready to better absorb moisturizers.
Removing the layer of dead skin cells allows moisturizers to penetrate deeply, nourishing the skin more effectively. During the summer, when skin tends to be drier due to the sun and bathing in salt or chlorinated water, a scrub followed by a moisturizer will help keep skin healthy and smooth.
Bonus trick: never, ever scrub just before shaving.

4 – Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

During the summer-and in general, scrubs help improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, keeping the skin toned and smooth. Focus particularly on areas such as the thighs, buttocks and belly, which are more prone to these types of blemishes.And take advantage of MartiniSPA’s bewitching solutions, such as the seductive scented bamboo scrub sponge.

5 – Relaxes the mind and reduces stress

Scrubbing not only has benefits for the skin, it can also provide a moment of relaxation and well-being during the summer. Gently massaging the scrub into the skin stimulates blood circulation and releases endorphins, which help reduce stress and improve mood. To elevate the fulfillment of the scrub even more, you finally just need to choose our Beauty Sponge. The line combines valuable natural components with MartiniSPA’s innovative patented X-Pand process, which keeps the active ingredients intact, giving you an intoxicating scented experience with the aromas of grapefruit, prickly pear, hemp seed, coconut and aloe.

And now… ready to go!


Supersponges army

Supersponges army 1200 800 Martini Spa

On the occasion of the participation in Cosmoprof 2019 in Bologna, Martini SPA presented the new Supersponge line : sponges with unique characteristics, enriched with perfumed essences and natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties.
A line of sponges made with the exclusive X-Pand production process, exceptionally soft and able to expand in water thanks to their superior absorbency.

Extra Soft face and body sponge

Enriched with the precious active ingredients of macadamia oil , jojoba oil and mallow extracts , this line of sponges gives dry skin elasticity and softness.
The soft massage of the sponge cleanses the skin keeping it fresh and velvety.
The exclusive extra soft texture and the special shape make the sponge ideal also for the face.

Soft face and body sponge

Soft sponges, recommended for normal skin, are enriched with avocado oil.
A sponge is enough to transform your bathroom into a moment of true relaxation: with Soft from the Super Sponge Line, gently pamper your skin giving it a pleasant velvet effect!

Gentle Scrub face and body sponge

The Gentle Scrub Sponge from the Supersponge Line is a real panacea for oily skin: its texture with microspheres guarantees a scrub effect that exfoliates the skin in a natural way and stimulates skin microcirculation.
The active ingredients of the burdock extract and sage essential oil create deep cleansing of the epidermis, removing impurities.

Che tipo di To.Go sei? Ecco i 5 kit MartiniSPA

What type of To.Go are you? Here are the 5 MartiniSPA kits

What type of To.Go are you? Here are the 5 MartiniSPA kits 1200 900 Martini Spa

Ready, set, To.Go

Welcome back July! There is uncontrollable longing for holidays in the air.
There are those who make mile long lists so they don’t forget anything and those who make improvisation an art. But above all, there are those who have a style to express for everything they take on holidays. Even in the shower and wellness kits, like the MartiniSPA To.Go. We have one for every category of traveller. Enjoy finding the perfect one for you.

1 – The Scrub lovers

Activated carbon is now a certainty for scrubbers. Providing energy to the skin, purifying it of superficial impurities. That’s why the To.Go Carbone kit combines the elegant body sponge with XPand process, the shower pad and the exfoliating strip enriched with activated carbon. And, with the special antimicrobial treatment of the strip’s fabric, it is protected against bacterial growth.

2 – The shower lovers

Nothing is given up on holidays, not even the things you are used to doing during the rest of the year. This also applies to the genuine shower enthusiasts. The practical and versatile To.Go Shower kit: a mesh sponge in a pouch-bag, to create the richest and softest foam possible, the MartiniSPA gentle scrub glove and the exclusive scalp massager.

3 – The Sport enthusiasts

The To.Go Sport kit is designed for two categories of athletes. Those who continue to train even while on holidays and their colleagues who already long to return the gym in September. The functional identity of the To.Go Sport kit is a combination of products aimed at the best performance: Tritan water bottle, super-absorbent microfibre towel and ultra-light, water-repellent backpack.

4 – The organisation freaks

The organised traveller’s category includes the roadmap professionals, the “everything in its place” enthusiasts and the to-do list aficionados. And MartiniSPA is well aware, to the extent of offering the To.Go Travel kit, with the ultimate for modern travellers: compact microfibre footrest, durable space-saving resistant, water repellent pouch-bag with external pocket and mesh sponge in pouch-bag.

5 – The relaxation lovers

Everyone is entitled to a purifying massage, but very few indulge whenever they desire. Unless you have the To.Go Wellness kit, the essence of relaxation. Designed for the lovers of relaxation, the set combines a massage brush with ergonomic design bristles and a seductive dual-action loofah glove: the precious Egyptian loofah side exfoliates while the piqued cotton side cleanses.