MartiniSPA Extra Virgin: olive hygiene for face and body

MartiniSPA Extra Virgin: olive hygiene for face and body

MartiniSPA Extra Virgin: olive hygiene for face and body 1200 900 Martini Spa

The properties of Extra Vergine

The medical-cosmetic history of the olive and its extracts – primarily, oil – is lost in the remotest centuries of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilisations. Even before the Egyptians and Phoenicians, to be precise. The benefits of its properties have therefore been appreciated for millennia: it nourishes and moisturises even the driest skin, protecting against free radicals with a soothing and anti-ageing effect. Not to mention its antioxidant and emollient properties. And you can appreciate all this bouquet of qualities with MartiniSPA, in the Extra Virgin collection.

The collection for body and face

The Extra Virgin line presents two types of sponges, with specific formulas for body or face: gentle or exfoliating.

The delicate body pad ensures superior softness, to which the enrichment with olive oil contributes. The same formulation is also found in the make-up removal pads, with exclusive skin nourishing properties. This is why the gentle Extra Virgin sponges restore softness and radiance to every skin.

In addition to the nourishing skill, the exfoliating variants rely on the mechanical action of an olive stone compound. The granules of the sponge perform a gentle massage for an enchanting peeling.

All the products in the Extra Virgin collection are also united by the energy-saving XPand process: its natural active ingredients provide an even softer texture and exceptional absorbency.

Natural combinations

If you only want products made from natural extracts for your skin, MartiniSPA offers additional collections to complement the Extra Virgin selection. For your beauty routine, our experts recommend, for example, the Bamboo line, with precious minerals and antioxidant enzymes. Let yourself be won over by its fascinating features to be discovered in the sponge, relaxation glove, exfoliating strip, make-up remover pad, perfumed net sponge or shower cap formats.

Relaxation and elegance also animate the Massage Natural line, with the largest collection in the MartiniSPA portfolio. Materials and solutions of vegetable origin – such as loofah or cotton – are favoured to give your skin an unprecedented sense of well-being.