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Spugna a rete 100% riciclata: viva l’igiene circolare!

100% recycled net sponge: long live circular hygiene!

100% recycled net sponge: long live circular hygiene! 1200 900 Martini Spa

Hygiene: the culture of recycling is growing [adnkronos research]

According to The Green Response Survey 2021 conducted by Essity, 66% of Italians have adopted a more sustainable lifestyle since the beginning of the pandemic. Consumer awareness regarding green issues is increasing, even for the purchase of hygiene products: 20% are looking for information on their environmental impact, while 17% buy only products that can be recycled easily. However, the most striking figures relate to the willingness to spend: 36% of respondents are willing to spend more on recycled or composted products after use, 31% demand renewable or naturally sourced materials and 29% require recycled or renewable packaging.

Trust in brands [Altroconsumo survey]

In short, consumer demands seem to have taken a distinctly more sustainable course. In this respect, trust in a brand commitment does not always reach the highest peaks. A recent survey by Altroconsumo states that 65% of consumers claim to be able to distinguish between greenwashing claims and actual green stances by brands. 45% of respondents even believe that the green nature of some products is used as a justification to raise prices. This is why brand reputation is a crucial factor. Furthermore, thanks to its long-standing history of innovation and the certifications it has earned over the years, MartiniSPA is an established trend-setter in the sustainable hygiene industry.

What’s new at MartiniSPA

Proof of this is the constant renewal of our offering, whose latest example is the 100% recycled and recyclable net sponges. The new must-have products by MartiniSPA are made from sustainable materials to make every beauty routine even more environmentally friendly. Their exfoliating properties are perfect for those looking for a relaxing bath enriched by soft foam. Available in 4 vibrant colours, at the end of their use, the sponges can be disposed of in the plastic recycling bin, contributing to the circular life cycle of the material.

The well-being of Massage Color

In addition to the 100% recycled net sponges, the Massage Color range of products also includes the new shower caps. Also available in different colours, they are the best way to protect the hair when showering or bathing. Massage Color, therefore, remains MartiniSPA’s most comprehensive and iconic collection. Sponges, exfoliating and massage gloves, brushes and much more: the Massage Color line truly knows how to surprise and satisfy every need, thanks to unique and safe formulas.

Christmas sponges? Here is the Christmas Collection from MartiniSPA

Christmas sponges? Here is the Christmas Collection from MartiniSPA 1200 900 Martini Spa

Choosing a Christmas gift in the beauty category is a goal that hides several pitfalls. It takes very little to get the right moisturizer wrong or to choose an expensive set of oils and balms with essences that are too lingering. Not to mention masks, lifting solutions or beauty serums.

So why not opting for a soft sympathy? Let yourself be charmed by MartiniSPA’s Christmas Collection. Surprise friends, family and partners with our cheerful and colorful soft polyurethane sponges.

Christmas Collection sponges are embellished with a cord for hanging them on a gift box, Christmas tree, or to be used for home decor: in short, unleash your imagination. Each product is also individually wrapped in red ribbon packaging and personalized cardstock. Want to learn more about the fun subjects in the Christmas Collection?

1 – Santa Claus

Red hat, thick white beard and unfailing smile. The ambassador of our Collection is indeed him, Santa Claus. While waiting for his arrival – you are on the good list, aren’t you? -, to use his sponge, however, you do not have to wait until the 25th.

2 – Christmas Tree

Forgive us crib addicts, but we couldn’t resist the charm of a Christmas tree embellished with stars and ornaments. All this translated into a soft sponge and – given the shape – with a perfect handle.

3 – Christmas ball

We were talking about Christmas tree, right? And so here is also the declination in decorative ball format. However, for this time you can move it away from the fir tree and take it into the tub or shower for a relaxing moment.

4 – Snowflake

The Christmas Collection is completed with the tender lightness of white winter days. Those in which a sprinkle of snow is enough to elevate the romance of any landscape. Therefore, it could not miss the sponge in snowflake format: a guarantee of success.


Nice to meet you, Mr. Eco®! Our new green line at Ambiente 2020

Nice to meet you, Mr. Eco®! Our new green line at Ambiente 2020 1640 720 Martini Spa

For years now MartiniSPA has been making products with an increasingly green soul by using recyclable natural materials, made through production processes with lower environmental impact and using energy produced by solar panels.

MartiniSPA’s choice of a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach gave birth to Mr. Eco®, the new range of products designed for cleaning and home care with a low impact on nature: vegetable cellulose sponges, loofah and natural fibre scrubbers, antibacterial copper and stainless-steel scouring pads, wooden dish brushes with sisal bristles, and bamboo viscose cloths. The products are made with biodegradable and recyclable materials and natural fibres, packaged in FSC® certified paper or TUV® compostable foil.

Mr. Eco® will be presented during Ambiente 2020, the international fair dedicated to the latest trends in tableware, kitchen and more generally for home décor, organized by Messe Frankfurt GmbH in Frankfurt from 7 to 11 February 2020.

Mr Eco® is MartiniSPA’s answer for a cleaner world. The company welcomes this challenge for the future with the same enthusiasm that has always distinguished it, continuing to be an ambassador of the distinctly Italian good taste, symbol of excellence, attention to detail and design, and “friend” of the environment thanks to the use of sustainable raw materials to contribute to the well-being of the planet.


Supersponges army

Supersponges army 1200 800 Martini Spa

On the occasion of the participation in Cosmoprof 2019 in Bologna, Martini SPA presented the new Supersponge line : sponges with unique characteristics, enriched with perfumed essences and natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties.
A line of sponges made with the exclusive X-Pand production process, exceptionally soft and able to expand in water thanks to their superior absorbency.

Extra Soft face and body sponge

Enriched with the precious active ingredients of macadamia oil , jojoba oil and mallow extracts , this line of sponges gives dry skin elasticity and softness.
The soft massage of the sponge cleanses the skin keeping it fresh and velvety.
The exclusive extra soft texture and the special shape make the sponge ideal also for the face.

Soft face and body sponge

Soft sponges, recommended for normal skin, are enriched with avocado oil.
A sponge is enough to transform your bathroom into a moment of true relaxation: with Soft from the Super Sponge Line, gently pamper your skin giving it a pleasant velvet effect!

Gentle Scrub face and body sponge

The Gentle Scrub Sponge from the Supersponge Line is a real panacea for oily skin: its texture with microspheres guarantees a scrub effect that exfoliates the skin in a natural way and stimulates skin microcirculation.
The active ingredients of the burdock extract and sage essential oil create deep cleansing of the epidermis, removing impurities.

L’impegno green di MartiniSPA: una storia sostenibile - MartiniSPA

The green commitment of MartiniSPA: a sustainable history

The green commitment of MartiniSPA: a sustainable history 1200 900 Martini Spa

A natural mission

Some companies only started believing in being green since the topic started trending. But there are brands for which environmental sustainability is at the foundation of their mission. MartiniSPA, for example, proudly counts itself among the latter. To the point where respect for the environment is not just a feature of its lines’ products, but can be found in all expressions of its corporate culture. An almost pioneering approach on the Italian market, dreamt up and supported by its patron, Fulvio Martini.

There is green outside the Forest

MartiniSPA has, therefore, developed an environmental sustainability plan that has empowered the brand in the past 15 years. With a multitude of concrete examples. Starting with the MartiniSPA Forest, created in 2007 at the company’s door: the area has been enriched with hundreds of trees belonging to 12 different species, providing a tangible contribution to local air quality and the local ecosystem. The commitment of MartiniSPA has also been translated into placing increased focus on optimising logistics and the production chain, in terms of environmental impact and energy efficiency. An example are the solar panels distributed since 2012 among the group’s buildings, that can generate over 2,730,000 kW.

#ecofriendly: the Mr. Eco collection

Aside from the forest and the panels, MartiniSPA also proves its green attitude with its offering. Just like Mr. Eco®, the line of ecologically sustainable products for the home, created with biodegradable and recyclable materials, and without plastic elements. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, thanks to the FSC® certified paper from which it is made. Going back to the Mr. Eco® range, its products include sponges made from plant cellulose, scouring pads made from antibacterial mesh and stainless steel, bamboo viscose cloths, wooden brushes with sisal bristles, and other surprising kits.

4 commitments for one award

All that being said, the Mr. Eco line can be summarised using its 4 strong points: zero plastic, recyclable materials, natural ingredients (from loofah to bamboo), and sustainable packaging. 4 true green assets, that have yielded “red” fruits. The design quality of Mr. Eco®, the creativity and the management of communication led Martini SPA to win the Red Dot Design Awards 2020 (Brand & Communication category). Just to give you an idea of the true extent of this success, you only need to know that the competition involved 6,992 projects by designers, agencies or companies from 50 Countries.

Being eco-friendly is more than name-deep. And MartiniSPA has always known this.


Welcome konjac: usage guide

Welcome konjac: usage guide 900 600 Martini Spa

What is Konjac?

Konjac is an Asian plant belonging to the Amorphophallus genus, which grows in China, Korea and Japan at high altitudes where the air is purer.
This plant is used in traditional medicine in Asian countries thanks to its beneficial properties .
It is from the roots , mainly composed of water , minerals and glucomannan that Konjac sponges . To make these sponges, the plant is separated from the bulb, which, once dried, is transformed into flour.

How do you use Konjac sponge?

1. Soften : soak the sponge for a few minutes in water until it becomes completely soft.
2. Massage : gently massage the face or body in a circular motion.
3. Rinse : after use, rinse the sponge and squeeze it gently.
4. Dry : hang the sponge with the special thread in a dry and ventilated place.

1. Extreme softness
It is so soft that it leaves a unique sensation on contact with the skin. It is an anti-irritation sponge, suitable for any type of skin, even for the most delicate ones of children.
2. Sweet and pleasant exfoliation
Thanks to the soft and porous structure, the sponge exerts a light exfoliation, which gently eliminates impurities. It reactivates the microcirculation, reoxygenating the skin and stimulating skin renewal. This is why it has an illuminating and refreshing effect.
3. Abundant foam with minimum quantity of detergent
It is eco-friendly because it does not require the combined use with detergents and, even if you still want to combine it, a very minimal quantity is enough.
4. 100% natural because it is vegetable and biodegradable
The sponge is made entirely of vegetable fibers obtained from Konjac, a tuber grown by thousands
of years in Asian countries.

The Konjac MartiniSPA sponges , despite being dried, retain the soft and porous appearance of the moistened sponges. The collection consists of 3 different versions:
Natural Konjac Sponge : ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.
Konjac sponge enriched with green tea : ideal for all skin types.
Konjac sponge enriched with Bamboo Charcoal : ideal for oily and impure skin.