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5 ideas for skin care in autumn

5 ideas for skin care in autumn 1200 900 Martini Spa

The challenges of autumn

Sun creams, tanning, melatonin to stimulate. With the arrival of autumn, all this leaves room for new needs for your skin care. For example, cold-induced vasoconstriction results in less abundant blood circulation, with a drop in the supply of nutrients to the skin. Not considering the frequent risk of dry skin, related to the reduction in the activity of the sebaceous glands.
And do you have the right tools to win the challenge against dryness, itching and micro-lesions of the skin while waiting for next spring? Find out with MartiniSPA ideas.

1 – Keyword: scrub

Every skin’s primary need in autumn is proper exfoliation. Choose the best scrub to remove dead skin cells, preparing you as best as possible for any treatment. Considering sunspots, the greatest issue following summer: only an ideal scrub can minimise them.

2 – Don’t underestimate hydration

Do you want radiant skin even in the last months of the year? Hydrate it by drinking about 2 litres of water a day. Other valid alternatives to supplement the moisturising supply are infusions, teas or ad hoc herbal teas. Alcohol and caffeine are strictly not recommended – they only have dehydrating effects.

3 – Shower vs bath

Experts recommend a shower over a bath. Thanks to less time in contact with water, the skin is not excessively degreased with a shower. But pay attention to the temperature: prolonged exposure to hot water eliminates the protective film on the skin. Better opt for medium-short, warm temperature showers.

4 – External factors

If the greatest risks in summer for your skin are due to uncontrolled exposure to sunlight, in autumn you have new antagonists: cold, wind, rain and dry air in heated rooms. A perfect beauty routine must therefore entail creams and protection products, as well as a healthy and energising diet for your skin.

5 – It remains green even in autumn

Once again, the most effective solution for every need is inspired by nature. To give you sublime skin even in autumn, MartiniSPA has in fact created the exclusive Massage Natural line. Enjoy an unmissable SPA in your home, with plant-based materials, such as a loofah and cotton. Every product in the collection is latex-free, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. What are you waiting for? Change your autumn right away!


Dry skin after winter: how to help it

Dry skin after winter: how to help it 1920 700 Martini Spa

The long-awaited spring has finally arrived!
As the temperatures rise, we need to start lightening our skin, not only by the heavy sweaters, but also by the cosmetics that have protected us from the cold in winter.
Here’s an easy spring beauty routine !

1. Exfoliates
After the cold of winter, the skin appears dry and thickened: it must be renewed by performing the right exfoliation ritual. Once or twice a week, replace the normal bath and face cleansing sponge with an exfoliating sponge or a Martini scrub sponge.

2. Deep cleanse

Choose specific cleansers for facial skin such as micellar water which, with its innovative formula, attracts all impurities leaving the skin completely purified. The goal is to make our skin breathe and oxygenate.

3. Hydrate your skin

Do not abandon the good habit of putting a cream in the evening, before going to sleep: in this moodo you guarantee the skin all the principles it needs to renew itself.
With increasing temperatures, the pores of the skin open, giving the skin that annoying shiny and sweaty effect: choose a cream with a light texture and which is easily absorbed.

4. Take care of your hands and feet

After months covered under closed gloves and shoes, our hands and feet also emerge from hibernation.
How to cuddle them?
1. Exfoliation : use exfoliating sponges and pumice stones maybe after immersing for a few minutes in warm water and Marseille soap.
2. Hydration : in the morning and in the evening, apply a body cream or even a foot cream generously in order to nourish the skin, making it soft and well-groomed.

Good spring!

Hygiene+, la pulizia è una questione di chimica

Hygiene+, cleaning is a matter of chemistry

Hygiene+, cleaning is a matter of chemistry 1200 900 Martini Spa

Silver ions, a long history

The combination of silver and medicine has been very successful over the centuries. Just think of the treatises from classical and medieval times that considered it a valuable aid in limiting inflammation and infection: in other words, long before medicine became modern, the medical properties of silver were well known. However, today we have obviously perfected its use, as with silver ions. When placed in the right solutions, they naturally sanitise surfaces and objects, reducing the bacterial load and preventing the growth of fungi or mould.

A safe home with Hygiene+

That is why MartiniSPA offers a wide range of products enriched with silver ions. The Hygiene+ line has bacteriostatic cloths and sponges for use in standard cleaning operations. In addition to silver, this innovative selection also relies on the special properties of copper, thiabendazole and zinc pyrithione. Want some examples? They range from multi-purpose sponges – with strong fibre or dual antibacterial protection – to non-scratch sponges – with cellulose inserts or nail protection – to dual weave floor, glass and multipurpose cloths.

Hygiene+, feel the safety on your skin

Silver ions and zinc pyrithione also feature in the other section of the Hygiene+ range, the one dedicated to the body and, more specifically, to cleansing and comforting your skin. Among the most iconic products in the line is the scented soft scrub sponge, with X-PAND process and exfoliating microgranules for a silky-smooth effect. Those seeking for the utmost well-being will instead fulfil their dreams with the extra soft body sponge, also in a scented version. Another option available is the soft & scrub body sponge, tailor-made for pleasantly effective action. In addition to the mesh sponge, MartiniSPA’s offering is rounded off with the exclusive double-action soft & scrub glove and the special body brush with wavy massage sponge.
So, why settle for normal hygiene when you can have more? Better still, when you can have Hygiene+? Get rid of bacteria with a set of high quality products for you and your environment.

MartiniSPA Extra Virgin: olive hygiene for face and body

MartiniSPA Extra Virgin: olive hygiene for face and body 1200 900 Martini Spa

The properties of Extra Vergine

The medical-cosmetic history of the olive and its extracts – primarily, oil – is lost in the remotest centuries of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilisations. Even before the Egyptians and Phoenicians, to be precise. The benefits of its properties have therefore been appreciated for millennia: it nourishes and moisturises even the driest skin, protecting against free radicals with a soothing and anti-ageing effect. Not to mention its antioxidant and emollient properties. And you can appreciate all this bouquet of qualities with MartiniSPA, in the Extra Virgin collection.

The collection for body and face

The Extra Virgin line presents two types of sponges, with specific formulas for body or face: gentle or exfoliating.

The delicate body pad ensures superior softness, to which the enrichment with olive oil contributes. The same formulation is also found in the make-up removal pads, with exclusive skin nourishing properties. This is why the gentle Extra Virgin sponges restore softness and radiance to every skin.

In addition to the nourishing skill, the exfoliating variants rely on the mechanical action of an olive stone compound. The granules of the sponge perform a gentle massage for an enchanting peeling.

All the products in the Extra Virgin collection are also united by the energy-saving XPand process: its natural active ingredients provide an even softer texture and exceptional absorbency.

Natural combinations

If you only want products made from natural extracts for your skin, MartiniSPA offers additional collections to complement the Extra Virgin selection. For your beauty routine, our experts recommend, for example, the Bamboo line, with precious minerals and antioxidant enzymes. Let yourself be won over by its fascinating features to be discovered in the sponge, relaxation glove, exfoliating strip, make-up remover pad, perfumed net sponge or shower cap formats.

Relaxation and elegance also animate the Massage Natural line, with the largest collection in the MartiniSPA portfolio. Materials and solutions of vegetable origin – such as loofah or cotton – are favoured to give your skin an unprecedented sense of well-being.


Welcome konjac: usage guide

Welcome konjac: usage guide 900 600 Martini Spa

What is Konjac?

Konjac is an Asian plant belonging to the Amorphophallus genus, which grows in China, Korea and Japan at high altitudes where the air is purer.
This plant is used in traditional medicine in Asian countries thanks to its beneficial properties .
It is from the roots , mainly composed of water , minerals and glucomannan that Konjac sponges . To make these sponges, the plant is separated from the bulb, which, once dried, is transformed into flour.

How do you use Konjac sponge?

1. Soften : soak the sponge for a few minutes in water until it becomes completely soft.
2. Massage : gently massage the face or body in a circular motion.
3. Rinse : after use, rinse the sponge and squeeze it gently.
4. Dry : hang the sponge with the special thread in a dry and ventilated place.

1. Extreme softness
It is so soft that it leaves a unique sensation on contact with the skin. It is an anti-irritation sponge, suitable for any type of skin, even for the most delicate ones of children.
2. Sweet and pleasant exfoliation
Thanks to the soft and porous structure, the sponge exerts a light exfoliation, which gently eliminates impurities. It reactivates the microcirculation, reoxygenating the skin and stimulating skin renewal. This is why it has an illuminating and refreshing effect.
3. Abundant foam with minimum quantity of detergent
It is eco-friendly because it does not require the combined use with detergents and, even if you still want to combine it, a very minimal quantity is enough.
4. 100% natural because it is vegetable and biodegradable
The sponge is made entirely of vegetable fibers obtained from Konjac, a tuber grown by thousands
of years in Asian countries.

The Konjac MartiniSPA sponges , despite being dried, retain the soft and porous appearance of the moistened sponges. The collection consists of 3 different versions:
Natural Konjac Sponge : ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.
Konjac sponge enriched with green tea : ideal for all skin types.
Konjac sponge enriched with Bamboo Charcoal : ideal for oily and impure skin.