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Hygiene+, la pulizia è una questione di chimica

Hygiene+, cleaning is a matter of chemistry

Hygiene+, cleaning is a matter of chemistry 1200 900 Martini Spa

Silver ions, a long history

The combination of silver and medicine has been very successful over the centuries. Just think of the treatises from classical and medieval times that considered it a valuable aid in limiting inflammation and infection: in other words, long before medicine became modern, the medical properties of silver were well known. However, today we have obviously perfected its use, as with silver ions. When placed in the right solutions, they naturally sanitise surfaces and objects, reducing the bacterial load and preventing the growth of fungi or mould.

A safe home with Hygiene+

That is why MartiniSPA offers a wide range of products enriched with silver ions. The Hygiene+ line has bacteriostatic cloths and sponges for use in standard cleaning operations. In addition to silver, this innovative selection also relies on the special properties of copper, thiabendazole and zinc pyrithione. Want some examples? They range from multi-purpose sponges – with strong fibre or dual antibacterial protection – to non-scratch sponges – with cellulose inserts or nail protection – to dual weave floor, glass and multipurpose cloths.

Hygiene+, feel the safety on your skin

Silver ions and zinc pyrithione also feature in the other section of the Hygiene+ range, the one dedicated to the body and, more specifically, to cleansing and comforting your skin. Among the most iconic products in the line is the scented soft scrub sponge, with X-PAND process and exfoliating microgranules for a silky-smooth effect. Those seeking for the utmost well-being will instead fulfil their dreams with the extra soft body sponge, also in a scented version. Another option available is the soft & scrub body sponge, tailor-made for pleasantly effective action. In addition to the mesh sponge, MartiniSPA’s offering is rounded off with the exclusive double-action soft & scrub glove and the special body brush with wavy massage sponge.
So, why settle for normal hygiene when you can have more? Better still, when you can have Hygiene+? Get rid of bacteria with a set of high quality products for you and your environment.


Supersponges army

Supersponges army 1200 800 Martini Spa

On the occasion of the participation in Cosmoprof 2019 in Bologna, Martini SPA presented the new Supersponge line : sponges with unique characteristics, enriched with perfumed essences and natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties.
A line of sponges made with the exclusive X-Pand production process, exceptionally soft and able to expand in water thanks to their superior absorbency.

Extra Soft face and body sponge

Enriched with the precious active ingredients of macadamia oil , jojoba oil and mallow extracts , this line of sponges gives dry skin elasticity and softness.
The soft massage of the sponge cleanses the skin keeping it fresh and velvety.
The exclusive extra soft texture and the special shape make the sponge ideal also for the face.

Soft face and body sponge

Soft sponges, recommended for normal skin, are enriched with avocado oil.
A sponge is enough to transform your bathroom into a moment of true relaxation: with Soft from the Super Sponge Line, gently pamper your skin giving it a pleasant velvet effect!

Gentle Scrub face and body sponge

The Gentle Scrub Sponge from the Supersponge Line is a real panacea for oily skin: its texture with microspheres guarantees a scrub effect that exfoliates the skin in a natural way and stimulates skin microcirculation.
The active ingredients of the burdock extract and sage essential oil create deep cleansing of the epidermis, removing impurities.