All the colors of summer in the Massage Color line

All the colors of summer in the Massage Color line 1200 900 Martini Spa

From May through September, the web explodes with articles and blog posts about the colors of summer. Once it’s pastel shades, another the palette of blues or we even get to the top 10 shocking colors for costumes. And in the end, it’s not so clear what the official colors of the warm season are.

Unless we’re talking about evergreen pairings and ideas, as in the products of MartiniSPA’s Massage Color line. To call it iconic would be an understatement: versatile, energetic and cheerful, it is our most comprehensive and well-known collection: hypoallergenic, Made in Italy, perfect for strong exfoliation. It only takes a second to fall in love with its character and how it meets every wellness need.

Want some suggestions for your summer 2023? Here are 5 in full Massage Color style.

1 – 100% recycled and recyclable mesh sponge.

Caring for the environment is a must for us. And our offering reaffirms it with this mesh sponge ideal for a lather-rich bath. In different color variations, it can turn into a singular and eye-catching gift.

2 – Invigorating scrub.

Did someone say scrub? Prepare and care for your tan with a mitten that gives your skin radiance and tone. It removes impurities from the surface layers of the epidermis, giving you a silky feel to the touch.

3 – Massage and exfoliation gloves.

The Massage Color line also includes 5-finger exfoliating gloves-with their wavy patterns, dual-action or soft formula massage and scrub gloves. Functional, handy and gentle: MartiniSPA gloves are must-haves to revolutionize your soothing shower.

4 – Soft Sponge Brush.

The cutest, smiling wavy sponge your bathroom has ever seen. The top for enjoying gentle hygiene while massaging and cleansing your entire body in comfort: your back and feet will thank you. Plus, you hang it up and it dries quickly.

5 – Tonic Sponge.

There is the family pack, the violin version, the twice and the double action. The tonic sponge is a synthesis of the best benefits of the Massage Color line. For example, in the double-action mode: one sponge side cleanses, while exfoliation is done by the massaging surface.


Dry skin after winter: how to help it

Dry skin after winter: how to help it 1920 700 Martini Spa

The long-awaited spring has finally arrived!
As the temperatures rise, we need to start lightening our skin, not only by the heavy sweaters, but also by the cosmetics that have protected us from the cold in winter.
Here’s an easy spring beauty routine !

1. Exfoliates
After the cold of winter, the skin appears dry and thickened: it must be renewed by performing the right exfoliation ritual. Once or twice a week, replace the normal bath and face cleansing sponge with an exfoliating sponge or a Martini scrub sponge.

2. Deep cleanse

Choose specific cleansers for facial skin such as micellar water which, with its innovative formula, attracts all impurities leaving the skin completely purified. The goal is to make our skin breathe and oxygenate.

3. Hydrate your skin

Do not abandon the good habit of putting a cream in the evening, before going to sleep: in this moodo you guarantee the skin all the principles it needs to renew itself.
With increasing temperatures, the pores of the skin open, giving the skin that annoying shiny and sweaty effect: choose a cream with a light texture and which is easily absorbed.

4. Take care of your hands and feet

After months covered under closed gloves and shoes, our hands and feet also emerge from hibernation.
How to cuddle them?
1. Exfoliation : use exfoliating sponges and pumice stones maybe after immersing for a few minutes in warm water and Marseille soap.
2. Hydration : in the morning and in the evening, apply a body cream or even a foot cream generously in order to nourish the skin, making it soft and well-groomed.

Good spring!

Che tipo di To.Go sei? Ecco i 5 kit MartiniSPA

What type of To.Go are you? Here are the 5 MartiniSPA kits

What type of To.Go are you? Here are the 5 MartiniSPA kits 1200 900 Martini Spa

Ready, set, To.Go

Welcome back July! There is uncontrollable longing for holidays in the air.
There are those who make mile long lists so they don’t forget anything and those who make improvisation an art. But above all, there are those who have a style to express for everything they take on holidays. Even in the shower and wellness kits, like the MartiniSPA To.Go. We have one for every category of traveller. Enjoy finding the perfect one for you.

1 – The Scrub lovers

Activated carbon is now a certainty for scrubbers. Providing energy to the skin, purifying it of superficial impurities. That’s why the To.Go Carbone kit combines the elegant body sponge with XPand process, the shower pad and the exfoliating strip enriched with activated carbon. And, with the special antimicrobial treatment of the strip’s fabric, it is protected against bacterial growth.

2 – The shower lovers

Nothing is given up on holidays, not even the things you are used to doing during the rest of the year. This also applies to the genuine shower enthusiasts. The practical and versatile To.Go Shower kit: a mesh sponge in a pouch-bag, to create the richest and softest foam possible, the MartiniSPA gentle scrub glove and the exclusive scalp massager.

3 – The Sport enthusiasts

The To.Go Sport kit is designed for two categories of athletes. Those who continue to train even while on holidays and their colleagues who already long to return the gym in September. The functional identity of the To.Go Sport kit is a combination of products aimed at the best performance: Tritan water bottle, super-absorbent microfibre towel and ultra-light, water-repellent backpack.

4 – The organisation freaks

The organised traveller’s category includes the roadmap professionals, the “everything in its place” enthusiasts and the to-do list aficionados. And MartiniSPA is well aware, to the extent of offering the To.Go Travel kit, with the ultimate for modern travellers: compact microfibre footrest, durable space-saving resistant, water repellent pouch-bag with external pocket and mesh sponge in pouch-bag.

5 – The relaxation lovers

Everyone is entitled to a purifying massage, but very few indulge whenever they desire. Unless you have the To.Go Wellness kit, the essence of relaxation. Designed for the lovers of relaxation, the set combines a massage brush with ergonomic design bristles and a seductive dual-action loofah glove: the precious Egyptian loofah side exfoliates while the piqued cotton side cleanses.