The green commitment of MartiniSPA: a sustainable history

L’impegno green di MartiniSPA: una storia sostenibile - MartiniSPA

The green commitment of MartiniSPA: a sustainable history

The green commitment of MartiniSPA: a sustainable history 1200 900 Martini Spa

A natural mission

Some companies only started believing in being green since the topic started trending. But there are brands for which environmental sustainability is at the foundation of their mission. MartiniSPA, for example, proudly counts itself among the latter. To the point where respect for the environment is not just a feature of its lines’ products, but can be found in all expressions of its corporate culture. An almost pioneering approach on the Italian market, dreamt up and supported by its patron, Fulvio Martini.

There is green outside the Forest

MartiniSPA has, therefore, developed an environmental sustainability plan that has empowered the brand in the past 15 years. With a multitude of concrete examples. Starting with the MartiniSPA Forest, created in 2007 at the company’s door: the area has been enriched with hundreds of trees belonging to 12 different species, providing a tangible contribution to local air quality and the local ecosystem. The commitment of MartiniSPA has also been translated into placing increased focus on optimising logistics and the production chain, in terms of environmental impact and energy efficiency. An example are the solar panels distributed since 2012 among the group’s buildings, that can generate over 2,730,000 kW.

#ecofriendly: the Mr. Eco collection

Aside from the forest and the panels, MartiniSPA also proves its green attitude with its offering. Just like Mr. Eco®, the line of ecologically sustainable products for the home, created with biodegradable and recyclable materials, and without plastic elements. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, thanks to the FSC® certified paper from which it is made. Going back to the Mr. Eco® range, its products include sponges made from plant cellulose, scouring pads made from antibacterial mesh and stainless steel, bamboo viscose cloths, wooden brushes with sisal bristles, and other surprising kits.

4 commitments for one award

All that being said, the Mr. Eco line can be summarised using its 4 strong points: zero plastic, recyclable materials, natural ingredients (from loofah to bamboo), and sustainable packaging. 4 true green assets, that have yielded “red” fruits. The design quality of Mr. Eco®, the creativity and the management of communication led Martini SPA to win the Red Dot Design Awards 2020 (Brand & Communication category). Just to give you an idea of the true extent of this success, you only need to know that the competition involved 6,992 projects by designers, agencies or companies from 50 Countries.

Being eco-friendly is more than name-deep. And MartiniSPA has always known this.